Teacher Websites

Mrs. Erin Adams

Associate Principal

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Mrs. Amy Albers

8th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Laurie Babiarz


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Mrs. Kristine Behnke

Attendance - PCMS

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Shelly Bierhals


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Mr. David Bikowski

District Technician

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Mrs. Carrie Birr

Administrative Assistant

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Ms. Lucy Blaser

Food Service Employee

Mr. Andy Bock

Phy-Ed Teacher

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Mrs. Elizabeth Briski

8th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Carrie Burch

6th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Patricia Challe

7th Grade Teacher

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Mr. Kyle Christiansen

Special Education Teacher

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  • mrcpulaski.blogspot.com/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Beth Cook

World Language - French

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Ms. Cindy De Neys

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mr. Nelson DeCleene

Business Educator

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Mrs. Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

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Mr. Joseph Diefenthaler

Library Media Specialist

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Mrs. Linda Diefenthaler


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Mr. James Doell

7th Grade Teacher

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Christian Dorst

7th Grade Teacher

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Mr. Elijah Dufek

Special Education Teacher

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Mr. Terry Erdmann

Agriscience Teacher

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Mrs. Sara Foote

8th Grade Teacher

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Mr. Paul Ford

Dean of Students/Athletic Director

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Mrs. Barbara Forsberg

Special Education Teacher

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  • Email Patrick Fullerton

Mrs. Nikki Gerth

School Counselor

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  • www.pulaskischools.org/middle/student-services/index (opens in new window)

Ms. Rita Gipp

Computer Science Teacher/K-12 Coordinator

Ms. Erika Heinze

7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Michelle Henslin

Band Teacher

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Mrs. Sara Hoffmann

Art Teacher

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  • artpcms.weebly.com (opens in new window)

Mr. Joe Isham

8th Grade Teacher

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  • jjisham.blogspot.com (opens in new window)

Mr. Chris Karcz

Phy-Ed Teacher

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Mrs. Natalie Klimek

8th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Sarah Kohls

8th Grade Teacher

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  • Email Laura Kraft

Mrs. Kirstin Krause

Special Education Teacher

Ms. Wendy Kroll

Food Service Employee

Ms. Lori Krumrei

7th Grade Teacher

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Mr. Dave Landers

6th Grade Teacher

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  • sites.google.com/a/pulaskischools.org/communityhouse/home (opens in new window)

Mrs. Andrea Landrum

7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Deanna Leigh


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Mrs. Randee Lemerond

Para-Professional - Health Middle School

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Ms. Nichole Linsmeier

6th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Kelly Logue

Phy-Ed Teacher

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Jia Ludwick


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Mrs. Colleen Marler

Band Teacher

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Ms. Sarah Matles

6th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Jean McWey

Speech & Language Pathologist

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Ms. Liz Miller

8th Grade Teacher

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Stuart Millikin


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Mrs. Traci Mittag

World Language Teacher - Spanish

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Mr. Brian Morgan

Special Education Teacher

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Mrs. Sarah Morgan

Special Education Teacher

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  • unique.n2y.com/ (opens in new window)

Darlia Mroczkowski


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Ms. Katie Nowak


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Mrs. Erin O'Donnell

6th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Amy Peters

Food Service Employee - Cashier

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Janae Peterson

Vocal Music Teacher

Mrs. Kasie-Marie Petrella

7th Grade Teacher

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Mr. Joshua Pratt

8th Grade Teacher

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Ms. Laurie Przybylski

6th Grade Teacher

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  • Email Lindsey Przybylski

Mr. Jonathan Rohde

7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Terrie Romanek

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Ms. Tina Rosner

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mr. Theodore Sarosiek

Learning Support Teacher

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Mrs. Lindsey Schartner

Digital Learning Specialist

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Todd Schmidt


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Mrs. Eliane Sieracki

6th Grade Teacher

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Mr. Jackson Smith

Band and General Music Teacher

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Ms. Emily Smithback

Special Education Teacher

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Mr. Alex Stecker

7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Marissa Steffel

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

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Ms. Jenny Stehlik

6th Grade Teacher

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Olivia Thomson

6th Grade ELA Teacher

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Ms. Cassandra Tingo

Choir/General Music

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Mr. Jeffery Uelmen

World Language Teacher - Spanish

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  • Email Michelle Van Den Heuvel
  • Email Dawn Van Schyndel

Mrs. Kerrie Van Schyndel

Special Education Teacher

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Mrs. Kaitlyn Vetsch

Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Carrie Wagner

Middle School Counselor

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Mrs. Michelle Weed

7th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Becky Wellens

Literacy Coach & Program Support Teacher

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Mrs. Char Wilson

Special Education Teacher

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Mr. Adam Winkler

School Resource Officer

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Cristina Wittlinger

ELL Teacher

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Mrs. Julie Woodworth

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mr. Patrick Wudtke

Technology Education Teacher

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Mrs. Tricia Yarbro

8th Grade Teacher

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