Student Services

Each school within the Pulaski Community School District has an available network of support for students who need assistance. This network includes the school counselors, district psychologists, district social workers, and district nurses. Since school counseling is an integral part of fulfilling the philosophy of our school district, students may see a counselor for a variety of reasons for assistance. If you do not want your child to be seen by a counselor, please notify the school in writing. Please contact the school counselors for further information. In addition, at PCMS, each student has a homeroom teacher who acts as his or her case manager.

School Counseling Program End of Year Report

6th Grade Orientation Power Point: February 2021 

Self-Awareness/Social Cruelty Survey for 6th Graders

School Counselor
Nicole Gerth
Phone: 920-822-6510

School Counselor
Carrie Wagner
Phone: 920-822-6513