Winter Program



Students will complete registration forms and select courses for the following school year. Middle School Counselors will provide information to sixth and seventh grade students and high school counselors will provide information to eighth graders.

Sixth Grade Orientation

Fifth grade students and parents/guardians are invited to the middle school for a presentation about what to expect at the middle level.   

Parent/Guardian Meetings

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact the counselors with questions or concerns about their student(s) well-being.

Individual Counseling

Students meet with the counselor to discuss individual academic, social, or outside of school concerns.

Common Planning Time Meetings

Counselors meet weekly with each house to discuss student concerns, meet with parents/guardians, or to discuss school-related programs.

Student Assistance Team  

Counselors meet bimonthly with administrators.  When necessary these meetings will include the school nurse, school psychologist, and classroom teachers.  

Monthly District Counseling Meetings