Early World Language

Welcome to Early World Language!

The best time to learn another language is when you are young.  Experts say the key window for learning language occurs from early years to about 10 years old. Not only are our students getting the benefits of learning a language at a young age, but as the classes carry on throughout middle school and high school our students grow in their proficiency to use and speak the language. In our school district, we have a College Credit Spanish class giving our students credits for college that our younger students can work toward.

The Spanish program is inspired by an immersion model.  We introduce and practice the language through a variety of activities such as stories, games, songs, projects, and more to maximize learning.  Culture is infused throughout the program giving students an opportunity to see how kids live in Spanish speaking countries, what their traditions are, and what kids do in their daily lives.  Many parents ask, "How will my child understand?"  The main strategies we use to help kids understand the language is the use of visuals, gestures, miming, and demonstration.

All Pulaski elementary students receive 90 minutes of Spanish instruction per week.  Each grade has a curriculum which integrates subjects like social studies and health, along with learning about a country, having interpersonal conversations, and practicing real life scenarios.

  • Kindergarten learns about Mexico, basic conversation, colors, shapes, numbers to 10, weather, winter holidays, family and parts of the body. 
  • First grade learns about Costa Rica, feelings, weather, continents and oceans, colors, shapes, numbers to 20, rainforest animals and adjectives to describe themselves.
  • Second grade learns about Peru, school supplies, places at school, numbers to 100, regions in Peru.
  • Third grade learns about Puerto Rico, manners, physical activity, and healthy eating. 
  • Fourth grade learns about Spain, interpersonal conversation, clothing descriptions, and restaurant food.
  • Fifth grade learns about Argentina, describing people, getting around a city, and conjugating AR activity verbs.

Emily Tewes, Amanda Rodenhauser, Kelsey Burkel, Kimberly Stauber, Emily Younkle, and Gabby Garcia are our fabulous Early World Language teachers at all of the elementary schools. They lead the way in the instruction of these classes using 90% + target language (Spanish) each day.

We equip students with 21st century skills and help them grow as a well-rounded students to one day allow for better job opportunities.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

  1. Improves reading and math scores
  2. Promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills
  3. Provides students with the opportunity to explore other cultures
  4. Teaches children to be flexible thinkers
  5. Triggers brain growth