Pulaski Community Middle School People

Photo of Patrick Fullerton

Patrick Fullerton


As the Principal, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Pulaski Commu...

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Photo of Erin Adams

Erin Adams

Associate Principal

I am ecstatic to be a part of Red Raider Nation!  My role at PCMS is the Associate...

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Photo of Amy Albers

Amy Albers

8th Grade Teacher

My name is Amy Albers and I have been teaching 8th Grade Communication Arts at Pulaski ...

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Photo of Laurie Babiarz

Laurie Babiarz


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Photo of Robyn Bartal

Robyn Bartal

Pool Assistant

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Photo of Kristine Behnke

Kristine Behnke

Attendance - PCMS

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Photo of Shelly Bierhals

Shelly Bierhals


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Photo of David Bikowski

David Bikowski

District Technician

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Photo of Carrie Birr

Carrie Birr

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Lucy Blaser

Lucy Blaser

Food Service Employee

Photo of Andy Bock

Andy Bock

Phy-Ed Teacher

Hi, my name is Andy Bock and I began teaching in the Pulaski Community School District ...

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Photo of Elizabeth Briski

Elizabeth Briski

8th Grade Teacher

Hello! I am Elizabeth Briski. I have been teaching 8th grade since 2013, and teaching i...

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Photo of Mrs. Carrie Burch

Mrs. Carrie Burch

6th Grade Teacher

My name is Carrie Burch, and I teach 6th grade Communication Arts at PCMS. I have a blo...

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Photo of Kelsey Burkel

Kelsey Burkel

World Language Teacher - Spanish

Photo of Mrs. Patricia Challe

Mrs. Patricia Challe

ELA/Social Studies Teacher

Hello! My name is Trish Challe and I am a 7th grade teacher at Pulaski Community Middle...

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Photo of Ada Clough

Ada Clough


Photo of Mrs. Beth Cook

Mrs. Beth Cook

World Language - French

Bonjour!  My name is Beth Cook and I am the French teacher for Pulaski Middle and ...

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Photo of Mr. Nelson DeCleene

Mr. Nelson DeCleene

Business Educator

Introduction: Hello, my name is Nelson DeCleene! I am a member of the business ...

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Photo of Bernadette Dervish

Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

As a school nurse, I serve as a link between healthcare and education. I support studen...

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Photo of Mr. Joseph Diefenthaler

Mr. Joseph Diefenthaler

Library Media Specialist

My name is Joe Diefenthaler (AKA Mr D) and I am the Library Media Specialist at the Pul...

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Photo of Linda Diefenthaler

Linda Diefenthaler


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Photo of Mr. James Doell

Mr. James Doell

7th Grade Teacher

I have been a part of the Pulaski teaching staff and community since 1994. I have taugh...

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Photo of Christian Dorst

Christian Dorst

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mr. Elijah Dufek

Mr. Elijah Dufek

Special Education Teacher

Expertise History, Political Science, Special Education, Broad Field Social Studies ...

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Photo of Kayla Ellisor

Kayla Ellisor

ELL Teacher

Hello, my name is Kayla Ellisor. I am one of the teachers in our EL program. I will be ...

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Photo of Victoria Elst

Victoria Elst

Food Service Employee

Photo of Mrs. Sara Foote

Mrs. Sara Foote

8th Grade Teacher

I have worked in three schools teaching many grades starting in 2002. I love teaching r...

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Photo of Mr. Paul Ford

Mr. Paul Ford

Dean of Students/Athletic Director

As the Athletic Director and Dean of Students, I welcome you to PCMS.  I look forw...

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Photo of Mrs. Barbara Forsberg

Mrs. Barbara Forsberg

Special Education Teacher

Middle school students are quirky, fun, and often unpredictable. Every day is unique, a...

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Photo of Mrs. Nikki Gerth

Mrs. Nikki Gerth

School Counselor

My name is Nikki Gerth and I am a school counselor at Pulaski Community Middle School. ...

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Photo of Amy Gillen

Amy Gillen


Photo of Rita Gipp

Rita Gipp

Computer Science Teacher/K-12 Coordinator

Photo of Ms. Erika Heinze

Ms. Erika Heinze

7th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Erika Heinze and I teach 7th grade Social Studies at Pulaski Communit...

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Photo of Mrs. Michelle Henslin

Mrs. Michelle Henslin

Band Teacher

Greetings from the band room! My name is Michelle Henslin and I am a Band Director in t...

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Photo of Mrs. Sara Hoffmann

Mrs. Sara Hoffmann

Art Teacher

Hi! I'm one of two art teachers at PCMS, where I teach 6th, 7th and 8th graders. I&...

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Photo of Mr. Joe Isham

Mr. Joe Isham

8th Grade Teacher

Hi, my name is Joe Isham and I teach 8th grade Math at Pulaski Community Middle School....

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Photo of Amanda Jacobson

Amanda Jacobson

LST Teacher

As a Learning Support Specialist at Pulaski Community Middle School, my role is to help...

Photo of Mr. Chris Karcz

Mr. Chris Karcz

Phy-Ed Teacher

Hi, my name is Chris Karcz and I am a Pulaski High School graduate. I currently am teac...

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Photo of Brianna Kehoe

Brianna Kehoe

7th Grade Science Teacher

Photo of Michael King

Michael King

Title VII Liaison/Coordinator

Photo of Mrs. Natalie Klimek

Mrs. Natalie Klimek

8th Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Natalie Johnson! I am a 7th grade mathematics teacher at Pulaski Comm...

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Photo of Mrs. Sarah Kohls

Mrs. Sarah Kohls

8th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Sarah Kohls and I am an eighth grade science teacher at Pulaski Commu...

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Photo of Mrs. Laura Kraft
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Photo of Mrs. Kirstin Krause

Mrs. Kirstin Krause

Special Education Teacher

Hi! My name is Kirstin Krause and I am a special education teacher at Pulaski Community...

Photo of Mr. Stuart Kwaterski

Mr. Stuart Kwaterski

8th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Stuart Kwaterski. I am a Social Studies teacher at Pulaski Community ...

Photo of Mr. Dave Landers

Mr. Dave Landers

6th Grade Teacher

My name is Dave Landers and I have been a teacher at Pulaski Community Middle School si...

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Photo of Mrs. Andrea Landrum

Mrs. Andrea Landrum

7th Grade Teacher

Hello and welcome to 7th Grade Science!  My name is Mrs. Landrum and I am so excit...

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Photo of Deanna Leigh

Deanna Leigh


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Photo of Randee Lemerond

Randee Lemerond

Paraprofessional - Health Middle School

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Photo of Ms. Nichole Linsmeier

Ms. Nichole Linsmeier

6th Grade Teacher

Hi, my name is Nichole Linsmeier! I am an sixth grade Math teacher at Pulaski Community...

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Photo of Mrs. Kelly Logue

Mrs. Kelly Logue

Phy-Ed Teacher

I have been teaching in the Pulaski Community School District since I graduated from Ca...

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Photo of Colleen Marler

Colleen Marler

Band Teacher

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Photo of Ms. Sarah Matles

Ms. Sarah Matles

6th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Sarah Matles. I am a 6th grade Communication Arts teacher in the Adve...

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Photo of Kim Mavis

Kim Mavis


Photo of Mrs. Jean McWey

Mrs. Jean McWey

Speech & Language Pathologist

My name is Jean McWey.  I am the speech/language pathologist at Pulaski Community ...

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Photo of Ms. Liz Miller

Ms. Liz Miller

8th Grade Teacher

Hello!  My name is Liz Miller, an eighth grade Math and Science teacher at Pualski...

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Photo of Stuart Millikin

Stuart Millikin


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Photo of Tamara Montoya

Tamara Montoya

Registrar Secretary

I have been lucky to live in Suamico, Wisconsin for little over a year.  My hometo...

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Photo of Mr. Brian Morgan

Mr. Brian Morgan

Special Education Teacher

My name is Brian Morgan and I am a special education teacher at Pulaski Middle School. ...

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Photo of Mrs. Sarah Morgan

Mrs. Sarah Morgan

Special Education Teacher

I am proud to teach in the Pulaski Community School District.  I teach at the midd...

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Photo of Meghan Nygren

Meghan Nygren

Math Intervention Teacher

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Photo of Erin O'Donnell

Erin O'Donnell

6th Grade Teacher

Hello, My name is Erin O’Donnell and I am a 6th grade teacher at Pulaski Communit...

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Photo of Amy Peters

Amy Peters

Food Service Employee - Cashier

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Photo of Janae Peterson

Janae Peterson

Vocal Music Teacher

Photo of Mr. Joshua Pratt

Mr. Joshua Pratt

8th Grade Teacher

My name is Josh Pratt and I teach eighth grade Science at Pulaski Commun...

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Photo of Ms. Lindsey Przybylski

Ms. Lindsey Przybylski

Art Teacher

I am born and raised in rural Pulaski, Wisconsin on my parent's dairy farm. I would...

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Photo of Caleb Roberts

Caleb Roberts

Food Service Employee

Photo of Mr. Jonathan Rohde

Mr. Jonathan Rohde

7th Grade Teacher

My name is Jonathan Rohde and I am a 7th grade Math teacher at Pulaski Community Middle...

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Photo of Terrie Romanek

Terrie Romanek

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Photo of Tina Rosner

Tina Rosner

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Photo of Kaleb Santy

Kaleb Santy

Agriculture Teacher

Photo of Mr. Theodore Sarosiek

Mr. Theodore Sarosiek

Learning Support Teacher

Hello, my name is Ted Sarosiek and I am an 8th grade Social Studies Teacher. I started ...

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Photo of Mrs. Lindsey Schartner

Mrs. Lindsey Schartner

Digital Learning Specialist

My name is Lindsey Schartner and I am the Digital Learning Specialist (DLS) at PCM...

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Photo of Mrs. Sandy Schmidt

Mrs. Sandy Schmidt

6th Grade Science Teacher

Since 2019, I have been a Digital Learning Specialist at the Pulaski Community Middle S...

Photo of Todd Schmidt

Todd Schmidt


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Photo of Rebecca Schoen

Rebecca Schoen

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Eliane Sieracki

Mrs. Eliane Sieracki

6th Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Eliane Sieracki and I am a 6th grade teacher at Pulaski Community Mid...

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Photo of Mr. Jackson Smith

Mr. Jackson Smith

Band and General Music Teacher

Mr. Smith is in his 5th year of teaching at Pulaski Community Middle School. ...

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Photo of Ms. Emily Smithback

Ms. Emily Smithback

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of John Steeno

John Steeno


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Photo of Mrs. Marissa Steffel

Mrs. Marissa Steffel

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

My name is Marissa Steffel and I am the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Pulaski...

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Photo of Ms. Jenny Stehlik

Ms. Jenny Stehlik

6th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Jenny Stehlik and I am a 6th grade teacher at Pulaski Community Middl...

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Photo of Ms. Olivia Thomson

Ms. Olivia Thomson

6th Grade ELA Teacher

Hi, my name is Olivia Thomson, and this is my first year at Pulaski Community Middle Sc...

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Photo of Ms. Cassandra Tingo

Ms. Cassandra Tingo

Choir/General Music

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Photo of Mr. Jeffery Uelmen

Mr. Jeffery Uelmen

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola!  My name is Señor Jeff Uelmen and I have been teaching mi...

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Photo of Mrs. Dawn Van Schyndel
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Photo of Mrs. Kerrie Van Schyndel

Mrs. Kerrie Van Schyndel

Special Education Teacher

Hello. I am a resource teacher here at the middle school.  This year I will be tea...

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Photo of Mrs. Kaitlyn Vetsch

Mrs. Kaitlyn Vetsch

Special Education Teacher

My name is Kaitlyn Vetsch! I have worked as a Special Education Teacher for three years...

Photo of Amos Voung

Amos Voung


Photo of Mrs. Carrie Wagner

Mrs. Carrie Wagner

Middle School Counselor

Since 2011, I have been one of the school counselors at PCMS. Prior to that I worked wi...

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Photo of Mrs. Michelle Weed

Mrs. Michelle Weed

7th Grade Teacher

Degrees Bachelor of Arts in English from UW-Stevens Points, Reading License certific...

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Photo of Becky Wellens

Becky Wellens

Literacy Coach & Program Support Teacher

I'm a literacy coach for grades 6-12 in Pulaski and a program support teacher speci...

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Photo of Mrs. Char Wilson

Mrs. Char Wilson

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Char Wilson. I am a Special Education Inclusion Teacher at Pulaski Co...

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Photo of Mr. Adam Winkler

Mr. Adam Winkler

School Resource Officer

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Photo of Julie Woodworth

Julie Woodworth

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Photo of Mr. Andrew Wright

Mr. Andrew Wright

Phy-Ed Teacher

My name is Andrew Wright and I teach Physical Education and Health at Pulaski Community...

Photo of Mr. Patrick Wudtke

Mr. Patrick Wudtke

Technology Education Teacher

Expertise Technology Education Degrees B.S. Technology Education UW-Stout

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Photo of Mrs. Tricia Yarbro

Mrs. Tricia Yarbro

8th Grade Teacher

My name is Tricia Yarbro and I am an 8th grade Communication Arts teacher at Pulaski Co...

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