Middle School Athletics

So You Want To Be A High School Athlete

Coaching Philosophy

  • We have a “no cut” policy, which dictates that all athletes will make the team, and all athletes will play in each game.
  • Playing time is fair, not necessarily equal. Factors that contribute to playing time include academics (“F-list”), work ethic at practice, ability to improve, hustle, and attitude.
  • Our coaches “check their egos at the door.” We strive to ensure success for each athlete but do not necessarily equate success to wins and losses.
  • We attempt to bring as many athletes to our high school programs as possible.
  • We want the middle school athletic experience to be positive, and we want all of our kids to go out for the sport the next year.
  • We attempt to coach, teach, and develop fundamental skills and concepts with all of our athletes.

In order to participate in any athletic event or practice at PCMS, students must have a physical, Middle School Concussion Form, and the Athletic Information Card on file. The physical will be used for the three-year duration at the Middle School.