Technology Education

Technology and Engineering 6

Students will concentrate on creativity and the design process, where they will learn how to take a project from brainstorming and planning to turn it into a reality.  Students will have the opportunity to investigate topics such as computer coding, 3D modeling, electrical circuits, and/or video game design.

Wood Shop 6

Students will learn safe and appropriate use of both hand and power tools.  They will use the design process, where they will transfer their ideas and sketches into woodworking projects of their choice.

Computer Science Discoveries 7

Whether you're interested in the arts, engineering, culture, design, or technology, Computer Science Discoveries (CS Discoveries) shows you how to bring your ideas and interests to life -- no experience necessary!  CS Discoveries is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.  No matter what you're passionate about, a background in computer science will give you the tools you need to succeed!

Design and Build 7

This class will engage students in the design process.  Students will design and build various practical projects throughout this course.  Students will have opportunities to incorporate aspects of their interests with their projects.  Students will analyze materials needed to complete a project and proper procedures to follow while working.  Students will be introduced to computer aided design (CAD) using 2D and 3D modeling software.

Design and Create 7

In this technology and engineering course, students will use the design process to plan and create their own projects.  Projects will include creating 3D models, investigating electrical circuits and microcontrollers using an Arduino Kit, and learning the fundamentals of computer coding.  Students will utilize design software to help plan and model their creations.

Exploring Robotics 8

This is a hands-on course that allows students to build and program their own robots using the VEX IQ system and EasyC programming software.  Students will work with others to learn how to control their robots using computer programming, mechanical systems, and various sensors while completing challenges that test their skills.  Heavy emphasis is placed on computer programming, problem solving, and teamwork.  No prior experience is necessary.

Intro to Small Engines 8

In this course, students will have hands-on experiences with small engines.  They will study the history of combustion engines, proper maintenance of small engines, collaboration, troubleshooting and problem solving engine performance issues.  They will learn in an environment where critical thinking, safety and respect are of utmost importance.  Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn.

Technology Education (Wood Shop) 8

Students will be introduced to the safe use of hand tools, portable power tools, and various woodworking machines to complete projects and solve technical problems.  They will also use the design process to create and test their projects in a lab setting.  The students will have hands-on experience in the following areas:  Woodworking - Use hand tools and power equipment to build your own wood projects.  Construction - Work on a "crew" to design floor plans and construct a scale model house.  Manufacturing - Students will work in a small group to "mass produce" an item as they are introduced to some manufacturing concepts and principles.  Engineering/Drafting - Solve technical problems using 3D modeling software.

Taught by Mrs. Rita Gipp and Mr. Patrick Wudtke