Science 6

This course follows the NGSS curriculum, which includes standards from Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Life Science focuses on systems and system structures, energy transfer and patterns of stability and change within an ecosystem. Physical Science focuses on modeling the movement of light and particles through various types of matter. Earth Science focuses on the cause and effect of water on the land around us with an emphasis on the National Parks. Crosscutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices as well and the Engineering and Design standards are used throughout each unit.

Science 7

Seventh grade science is part of a spiraling approach (Earth and Space, Life, Physical) at the middle school that utilizes the idea that children are born natural scientists and wonderers of the natural world. We actively engage learners in scientific and engineering practices, cross cutting concepts and core content ideas in being informed active citizens and problem solvers in the natural world of today and the future. The performance expectations of the Wisconsin State Science Standards are used as guidance.

Science 8

We begin the year exploring chemical reactions. This will lead into an examination of the earth specifically focusing on the inheritance of traits and evolution of species throughout Earth's history. After this, students will study plate tectonics on how the Earth's shifting plates affect humans. We complete the year focusing on Newton's Laws of Physics. Evidence based writing (claim, evidence, reasoning) will be intermingled in all units of study.