Family and Consumer Science


There are many wonderful "flavors" to Family and Consumer Science that give students an academic taste of what they can offer themselves as well as others by developing and using life-long skills. This four and a half week course allows students the opportunity to learn more about contributing to a healthy family life. Various aspects include food preparation, child development, communication, clothing and interior design.

Food for Health (FACS) 7  

Are you hungry for change? In this course, students will have the opportunity to step inside the kitchen to look at your personal eating habits and gain a greater understanding of how our food choices now impact our health for a lifetime. Weekly food labs combined with health education topics will help promote healthy eating habits as well as skills necessary to prepare easy meals and snacks.   

Entrepreneurs of the Future 7  

Students will discover the many facets of Business and FACS in this collaborative classroom experience.  You will design and create unique business ideas such as a smoothie bar, frozen yogurt parlor, fitness and/or yoga studio, tourist attractions, fitness clothing, etc.  These business ideas will unite concepts which include product development, cooking, interior design & fashion, and marketing.  Students should come ready to soar into this entrepreneurship adventure.

FACS of Life (FACS) 8 

In this class you will be given the opportunity to examine issues related to yourself, family and society, all components of Family and Consumer Science.  Teacher and student-guided learning plus hands-on experiences will help you become a well-rounded individual who is able to contribute to themselves, their family and society.  Various topics will be covered in units including:

  • Sewing Design -- Basic Sewing techniques will be learned to allow students to make a community service project to be donated to a local charity.
  • Food and Nutrition -- This unit will cover topics such as personal hygiene, proper measuring techniques and equipment used in food labs as well as nutrition and basic healthy tips.  Be prepared to eat!
  • Health Occupations -- An understanding of this area of FACS will be explored further to allow students to dive into the medical field and look into opportunities they could potentially explore at the high school level.

Life Designs (FACS) 8

Have you ever wondered how someone decides to make the shirt you're wearing?  Or what colors to use in your comforter?  Do you enjoy simply creating?  This class applies lifelong skills that will tap into your creativity by exploring the world of design.  This is intended to be a hands-on course, working directly with concepts that can be translated into your world now and in your future.  Teacher and student-guided learning + hands-on experiences = a well-rounded individual able to contribute to themselves, family and society.  During this course, students will apply concepts related to Interior Design, Fashion Design and Sewing.

Taught by Mrs. Marissa Steffel