Family and Consumer Science

FACS 8 – “FACS for Life”

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to examine issues related to self, family and society.  This course will focus on four primary units:  Foods, Design, Child Development and Relationships.

  • Foods  -- This unit will cover topics such as personal hygiene, proper measuring techniques and equipment used in food labs.  Be prepared to eat!
  • Design -- Students will learn two different avenues of design: fashion and interior design.  Basic sewing techniques will be learned to allow students to make projects such as quilts to be donated to a local charity.  Interior design will cover color and living layouts to meet adequate needs of those living in those spaces.
  • Child Development -- Students will learn about basic brain development, specific needs of children and the importance of reading to a child.
  • Relationships -- Strategies and skills for building healthy relationships at school, home and within the community will be addressed as well as positive communication skills to maintain those relationships.

FACS 7 – “Foods for Health"

Are you hungry for change? In this course, students will have the opportunity to step inside the kitchen to analyze personal eating habits and gain a greater understanding of how our food choices now impact our health for a lifetime. Weekly food labs combined with health industry topics will help promote healthy eating habits and provide skills necessary to prepare easy meals and snacks.  Careers within the health industry will also be researched to gain a greater understanding of what opportunities are out there.  

FACS 6 – “Flavors of FACS”

The purpose of this four week course is to give students a sense of the wonderful “flavors” of Family and Consumer Science.  Students will be given the opportunity to plan a mock family reunion with their peers.  All aspects of planning a reunion will be covered including but not limited to recipes and food, proper food handling, activities for all ages, conversation starters/topics, clothing choices and decorating.  Come ready to learn how fun family can be

Taught by Ms. Marissa Treptau