Social Studies

Social Studies 6

In sixth grade social studies, the major focus of study is ancient civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere.  Specific units covered include archaeology/stone ages, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages. In addition, geography skills and current events are covered.

Social Studies 7

All aspects of the Western Hemisphere are covered, including Canada all the way down to South America. Government structure and cultures are emphasized. All aspects of map skills are taught, including European countries’ names, use of an atlas, lateral/longitude, learning about and making a variety of maps, and hemisphere/directions. Units include five themes of geography: U.S. civics and government, European geography, Canada and the U.S., Latin American history, Mexico today, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America.

Social Studies 8

Students will be subjected to many important American historical events, documents, and people from the onset of colonization through the Civil War. The course begins with a student-simulated review of Colonial America. From there, the students investigate the causes, effects, and outcomes of the Revolutionary War. It continues with an in-depth look at the Constitution and proceeds with strong investigation toward the causes (Antebellum America) and effects of events leading to and through the American Civil War. The final unit of the year is titled Personal Finance, which culminates with our annual “Reality Day.” Throughout the year, emphasis is made to relate history to present-day life. Also included in the curriculum is yearlong, on-going exposure and discussion of current events