Social Studies

Social Studies 6

In sixth grade social studies, the beginning of the year will revolve around a geography focus including citizenship and what that looks like for a 6th grader in today's world. In addition, the units studied are ancient civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere. Specific units include archaeology/stone ages, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, and India. In addition, current events will be on-going throughout the year.

Social Studies 7

World History from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages is the focus of the 7th grade social studies curriculum with a focus on research and inquiry. Unit topics include: Geography, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, and Native Peoples.

Social Studies 8

Students will explore many important American historical events, documents, and people from the onset of colonization through the Civil War. The course begins with a review of basic U.S. geography and a reflection on what America means to each student. Next, students explore Colonial America. In preparation for Veterans Day, students take time to study wars and conflicts that the U.S. has participated in. The unit concludes with a visit from local veterans, who share their personal experiences of service to our country. From there, the students investigate the causes, effects, and outcomes of the Revolutionary War. It continues with an in-depth look at the Constitution and proceeds with strong investigation toward the causes (Antebellum America) and effects of events leading to and through the American Civil War.  Throughout the year, emphasis is made to relate history to present-day life. The year concludes with an Economics Unit where students explore what financial responsibilities and choices come with becoming young adults.