Physical Education

Physical Education 6

This course meets every other day for the entire year.  Some of the units that are covered in the sixth grade curriculum include team building, football, soccer, swimming, basketball, and cup stacking.  Physical Education teachers stress skill development, teamwork, and cooperation.

Physical Education 7

Students meet every day for the length of each unit.  In seventh grade, the children work to enhance the skills that were introduced in sixth grade.  Some of the units covered in the seventh grade curriculum include soccer, swimming, fitness, floor hockey, football, track and field, and recreational games.

Physical Education 8

This course meets every other day for the entire year.  In eighth grade, the physical education teachers introduce life long activities along with some team sports.  Our goal for eighth graders is that they find an activity that they can participate in later in life.  A few of the units covered in the eighth grade curriculum include Frisbee, golf, soccer, swimming, volleyball, softball, basketball, and floor hockey.

Taught by Mr. Andy Bock,  Mr. Chris Karcz,  Mrs. Kelly Logue, and Mr. Andy Wright