Business and You

Business and You 6

This exciting 4.5 week course will introduce you to business and how you use it in your everyday life.  You will get your creative juices flowing in this class.  You will develop vocabulary, learn about business management through the lemonade stand simulation and then create your very own business stand to conclude the class.  This hands-on business stand project will teach skills in developing, promoting, managing, troubleshooting, collaboration, and customer service, along with career exploration.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing 7

During this class, you will dive deep into two different sectors of business.  We will start class with the entrepreneurship unit.  You will create a business, business plan and try to pitch it to sharks...just like Shark Tank!  Hopefully you walk away with a great deal.  The second half of class, we will focus on sports and entertainment marketing.  If you like sports or music, this is the class for you to take.  We'll take a look at the history of sports and entertainment marketing and then you will develop your own concert or team and develop the marketing/advertising aspects behind your concert or team.

Entrepreneurs of the Future 7

Students will discover the many facets of Business and FACS in this collaborative classroom experience.  You will design and create unique business ideas; such as a smoothie bar, frozen yogurt parlor, fitness and/or yoga studio, tourist attractions, fitness clothing, etc.  These business ideas will unite concepts which include product development, cooking, interior design & fashion, and marketing.  Students should come ready to soar into this entrepreneurship adventure.

Intro to Business 8

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn about different sectors and career opportunities within business.  Your year will start off by learning about management, leadership, international business and business law.  You will then take those skills and incorporate them into creating your very own class-operated coffee delivery business.  You and your classmates will have full control of the business by developing logos, slogans, advertisements, promotions, net products, provide high-quality customer service and the list goes on and on.  We will then dive into various financial units by learning about the stock market, accounting, and banking, just to name a few.  

Taught by Mr. Nelson DeCleene