Teaching & Learning People

Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Gracyalny

Mrs. Jennifer Gracyalny

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

My name is Jennifer Gracyalny and I serve as the Assistant Superintendent of Teach...

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Photo of Mrs. Lindsey Mathys

Mrs. Lindsey Mathys

Assistant Director of Learning Services

My name is Lindsey Mathys and I am our district's Secondary Assistant Director...

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Photo of Amy Uelmen

Amy Uelmen

Director of Instructional Technology

I enjoy the opportunities and challenges my current position brings as well as the oppo...

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Photo of Julie Harris

Julie Harris

Director of Student Services

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Photo of Lara Kuchenbecker

Lara Kuchenbecker

Assistant Director of Student Services

Degrees Bachelor of Science in Education - Dual Major of Special Education and Element...

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Photo of Mrs. Katie Schlueter

Mrs. Katie Schlueter

Virtual Learning Coordinator

My name is Katie Schlueter. I graduated from St. Norbert College in 2014 with a major i...

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Photo of Cari Spatz

Cari Spatz

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Becky Wellens

Becky Wellens

Literacy Coach & Program Support Teacher

I'm a literacy coach for grades 6-12 in Pulaski and a program support teacher speci...

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Photo of Mrs. Rhoda Wood

Mrs. Rhoda Wood

Literacy Coach and Reading Specialist

My name is Rhoda Wood and I am the District Elementary Literacy Coach and Reading Speci...

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