Assessment System

The Department of Teaching and Learning manages the assessment process in the district.  There are three tiers to the assessment process with each having a different purpose.  This is called a Balanced Assessment System system as it looks at the district, school, class and student levels to determine strengths and challenges of the curriculum and instruction in the district.

Assessment TargetFor Tier 1, the assessment purpose is to provide individual student data to the teacher.  These assessments are classroom-based and tied directly to what was being taught in the classroom.  This is the most frequent form of assessment for students.  Examples of Tier 1 assessments include unit tests, student projects, observation checklists, anecdotal notes, rubric scores, and student portfolios. Teachers use this information to determine what students are learning and what instruction needs to be done to help all students achieve success. 

For Tier 2, the assessment purpose is to provide both school and individual student data.  Tier 2 assessments are typically district developed or assessments designed to give specific data about individual students as well as general classroom data.  These assessments are required of all students and are aligned to the curriculum standards that are being taught.  Some examples of Tier 2 assessments include the District Writing Assessment, Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarks, Stepping Stones Quarterly Assessments, Fastbridge Assessments or other screeners, Bullying Survey, and periodic content specific assessments.  These assessments are given to provide feedback to the teachers, students, and building level staff about the impact the curriculum and instruction is having on student learning.  Teachers use this information to make adjustments to their instruction to meet the individual needs of the students.

For Tier 3,  the assessment purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum adoptions on student learning, determine curricular areas that need improvement as well as identifying areas that the district is doing well, and determine staff development needs.  These are completed through what are called the Tier 3 assessments.  An example would be the Wisconsin Forward Exam and ACT with Writing Assessment.  District Forward Exam results are posted on the Wisconsin Department of Instruction's web page, WISEdash Public Portal for the public to view.

The District has developed the assessment process to be a balance of these three tiers.  There is a District Assessment Calendar that plots out the main Tier 1 and Tier 2 assessments.  See the Assessment Explanation page for more details about what the specific assessment scores mean.  For more information about the assessment process in Pulaski Community Schools, please see your child's principal or contact the Department of Learning Services at 920-822-6018.

In the district, we also distinguish between the Assessment of Learning versus Assessment for Learning. View this document for more information.