School Board Member Orientation

Welcome Board of Education Members!  

Thank you for your service to the children and citizens of the Pulaski Community School District.  The resources contained within this site are designed to acquaint you with information that will be beneficial in your role as a member of the Board of Education.  If there are additional resources that will be helpful in answering questions or provide you with needed information, please contact the Board President, Superintendent of Schools, or Administrative Assistant to the Board of Education / Superintendent.  We are happy to help! 

  • Meetings of the Board of Education
    Regular meetings of the Board of Education are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month. These meetings are held in the Meeting Room at the District Office also beginning at 6:00pm.  

    Information regarding upcoming and past meetings can be found on the website.  

    The Agenda for the meetings are prepared in advance by the Board President and Superintendent.  

    Meetings are conducted using Robert's Rules of Order.   

    WASB provides basic information for Board members including information related to meetings on their Basic Resources page.  

  • WASB
    The Wisconsin Association of School Boards is the professional organization for Wisconsin Boards of Education.  The WASB provides outstanding board development opportunities.  You are welcome and encouraged to attend professional development offerings sponsored by the WASB to assist in your development as a board member.

    WASB Calendar of Events
    Legislative Update
    Wisconsin School Law

  • Employment Provisions Handbook

    The Pulaski Community School District has a strong tradition of excellence in educating the children and serving the citizens of the District. 

    The philosophy of the Pulaski Community School District states that “A nation’s greatest resource is its people, especially the students of the school system.” 

    In order for our children to thrive, it takes many people to positively impact their lives. The employees of the Pulaski Community School District, teachers, administrators, coaches, custodians, secretaries, aides, bus drivers, food service employees, etc, all play a vital role in creating a district that helps to provide our children with the things they need to lead happy, healthy and successful lives. A highly motivated work force that is progressive and maintains a service orientation is vital to our children’s future. 

    This Pulaski Community School District Employment Provision Handbook outlines items that help to define the employer – employee relationship. The Pulaski Community School District Board of Education retains the right to modify or eliminate any of the provisions articulated within this handbook.  The Board of Education updates the Employment Provision Handbook annually 

    The District will follow all applicable federal and state laws that relate to the employer – employee relationships. District policies serve as guidelines and as such may be amended, altered or eliminated by the Board of Education. 

    This handbook has been prepared for informational purposes only and to acquaint employees with the policies, procedures, rules and regulations and to provide for the orderly and efficient operation of the District. Most of the employee questions will be answered in this Employee Provisions Handbook. However, if there are questions regarding the Employee Provisions Handbook, or matters that are not covered, they should be directed to the District Administrator.

  • Contact Information