District Philosophy

We believe that a community's and a nation's greatest resource is its people, especially the students of our schools. At Pulaski Community School District, the student is the nucleus of the school system and our education decisions are guided by what we consider to be best for every student. We maintain that the student should be given reasonable opportunity to realize his/her best self.

We are now, and should continue to be, offering the student a second, third, and fourth chance. This means that every available alternative will be explored to help the student grow academically and develop in self-control. Each new opportunity in the area of discipline will be designed to encourage the students to accept responsibility for their actions. New alternatives in the area of academics will be explored, when necessary, to satisfy the students needs and interests.

Philosophy of the DistrictIt is our belief that our curriculum should serve the needs, interests and abilities of the student population and promote the mental and physical health of the student. It should instill a pride in heritage and a sense of responsibility and provide the proper information, emphasis and perspective for learning to live a successful life in our local community as well as the nation and the world.

Our education system should help each student increase his knowledge, build greater understanding, and develop social attitudes and acceptable behavior to prepare him/her to be a contributing member of society. We feel that our curriculum must have a wide enough scope to prepare the college bound student, the vocationally oriented student, as well as the student who will seek a job upon graduation.

Our belief is that the Pulaski Community School District should focus not only on its children, but it should also provide the adult members of the school community the facilities and services to continue their education. A school and community that works closely together can use the students, faculty and administrators to evaluate the assets, needs and possibilities of the community and help provide direction for its growth. The community becomes a true learning laboratory.

We believe that the schools are the thread that binds the people of the community together. The name, Pulaski Community School District, reflects the close ties between the schools and the people of its District. An active participation by the schools in the community and the community in the schools, can help make education real and meaningful for all involved.