Board Members

The Pulaski Board of Education consists of seven community members elected by the citizens of the District. Board members are elected by zone and serve overlapping terms of three years.

  • 7 Member Board - (6 Zones and 1 Member at Large)
  • Zone 1 - Village of Pulaski   
  • Zone 2 - Townships of Chase, Little Suamico, Morgan     
  • Zone 3 - Townships of Angelica, Green Valley  
  • Zone 4 - Townships of Maple Grove, Lessor   
  • Zone 5 – Village of Suamico, Township of Pittsfield         
  • Zone 6 – Village of Hobart, Township of Oneida
Photo of Mrs. Heidi Melzer

Mrs. Heidi Melzer


Zone 6 - Village of Hobart; Town of Oneida. Term Expires April 2026

Photo of Mrs. Heidi Bukowiec

Mrs. Heidi Bukowiec

Vice President

Zone 1 - Village of Pulaski. Terms Expires April 2025

Photo of Mrs. Sara Mangold

Mrs. Sara Mangold

Board Clerk

Zone 5 - Town of Pittsfield; Village of Suamico. Term Expires April 2024 ...

Photo of Mrs. Barb McKeefry

Mrs. Barb McKeefry


Zone 3 - Towns of Angelica; Green Valley. Term Expires April 2025

Mr. Dennis Kaminski

School Board Member

Zone 2 - Towns of Chase; Little Suamico; Morgan. Term Expires April 2024

Photo of Mrs. Megan Mills-Koehler

Mrs. Megan Mills-Koehler

School Board Member

Member at Large. Term Expires April 2024

Mrs. Jennifer Schwarz

Board Member

Zone 4 - Towns of Maple Grove; Lessor. Term Expires April 2026

Photo of Mrs. Dana Thibodeau

Mrs. Dana Thibodeau

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/Board of Education

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