Pulaski High School People

Ms. Emily Alger-Feser

English Teacher

Hello! I am Emily Alger-Feser. I teach English at Pulaski High School. As a P...

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Mr. Dan Anderson

Science Teacher

Hello! My name is Dan Anderson and I am a science teacher at Pulaski High School. I tea...

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Lisa Andreini

Special Education Teacher, Transition Coordinator

I have worked at every age level from 3-21 in the Pulaski School District. I currently ...

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Mrs. Alexa Aulik


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Ms. Nicole Babiarz

Special Education Teacher

Ms. Beth Babik

Health Para-Professional

Mrs. Brianna Baranczyk

Business Teacher

My name is Brianna Baranczyk, and I teach business education at Pulaski High Schoo...

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Ms. Janel Batten

High School Athletics Director

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Mr. David Bikowski

District Technician

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Mr. Stephen Blackford

Science Teacher

Hello. My name is Steve Blackford and I've been teaching Physics and occasionally...

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Mrs. Michelle Bonafilia

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Michelle Bonafilia, I am a Special Education teacher at Pulaski ...

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Ms. Hannah Bramschreiber

School Psychologist

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Mr. Christopher J. Brooks

Academic Support Teacher

Hello!  My name is Chris Brooks.  I am the new Academic Support Teacher....

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Mrs. Kathryn Brown

Choir Teacher

Degrees UW-Green Bay - Bachelor of Music -1995 UW-Madison - Master of Music - 200...

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Mrs. Joan Brylski

Social Studies Teacher

I teach world history and Advanced Placement Human Geography.  I am also the advis...

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Mrs. Rebekka Budz


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Mr. D. Thomas Busch

Director of Bands

Degrees BA UW Green Bay 1990 MME Lesley Univ. Cambridge, MA 2004 Awards ...

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Ms. Carly Cerrato

K-12 School Social Worker

Hello! My name is Carly Cerrato and I am the K-12 School Social Worker for the Pulaski ...

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Mr. Jeffrey Charney

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Jeff Charney and I am a Special Education Teacher in the Math De...

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Ms. Kaitlin Cherney

Math Teacher

Hello! My name is Kaitlin Cherney and I currently teach Math 1, Math 1A, and Advanced M...

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Mrs. Beth Cook

World Language - French

Bonjour!  My name is Beth Cook and I am the French teacher for Pulaski Middle and ...

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Mark Dalke


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Ms. SoHappy Davids

Learning Support Teacher/Native American Advocate

Koolamalsi - Hello, my name is SoHappy Davids and I am the Learning Support Teacher/Nat...

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Mr. Nelson DeCleene

Business Educator

Introduction: Hello, my name is Nelson DeCleene! I am a member of the business ...

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Mr. Max DeHut

Tech Ed Teacher

My name is Max DeHut I have been teaching at Pulaski High School since 2011. The clas...

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Mrs. Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

 Keeping children healthy, safe, in school, and ready to learn ... I am a ...

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Mr. Joseph Diefenthaler

Library Media Specialist

My name is Joe Diefenthaler (AKA Mr D) and I am the Library Media Specialist at the Pul...

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Ms. Sara Diehlmann

School Counselor

Hello! I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to support students at Pulaski High ...

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Mr. Daniel Emmerich

Social Studies and Business Teacher

My name is Daniel Emmerich, I have been teaching in the Pulaski Community School D...

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Ms. Kristin Ewald

Native American Liaison

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Ms. Amy Fischer

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Ms. Laurie Fischer

Pulaski News Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Kimberly Froseth

English Teacher

My name is Kimberly Froseth and this is my tenth year of teaching, but only my second y...

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Mrs. Christy Glysch

School Psychologist

Hi! I am Christy Glysch, the School Psychologist working with students, families, and s...

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Mr. Kare Goodness

Special Education Teacher, Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello! I am Kare Goodness, the Adaptive Physical Education teacher for Pulaski Communit...

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Mr. Jeffrey Gosse

Science Teacher

I teach AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry and Forensic Science at PHS. I ...

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Ms. Leah Grant

School Counselor

I have been in the field of school counseling for almost 20 years and I still love...

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Mr. Michael Guerrero

Instrumental Music Teacher

As Assistant Director of Bands and Director of Jazz Studies, I will serve Pulaski High ...

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Mr. Tyler Hanson

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Tyler Hanson.  I am a member of the Pulaski High School math dep...

Mrs. Jennifer Heck

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Jennifer Heck, a member of the Pulaski High School math department. I...

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Mr. John Heinz


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Mr. Travis Hendzel

Special Education Teacher

Hi, my name is Travis. I come to Pulaski with several years of experience in Special Ed...

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Ms. Nicole Hess

Education Diagnostician

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Mr. Sam Hunt

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Sam Hunt. I am a member of the Pulaski High School mathematics d...

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Mr. Joel Jarock

Math Teacher

I am a lifelong resident of Pulaski, graduating from PHS in 1989. I enjoy being a part ...

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Mr. Rick Kamps

Tech Ed Teacher

Hello, my name is Rick Kamps and I am a Tech Ed teacher at the high school.  I tea...

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Mrs. Brianna Karcz

Math Teacher

My name is Brianna Karcz and I teach Math 3 and am the lead Project Based Learning...

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Mr. Spencer Karls

Art Teacher

Education  University of Wisconsin - Green Bay:  BA, Studio Art (2013) ...

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Mrs. Sara Kelly

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Sara Kelly and I am excited to teach social studies classes in Pulaski this ...

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Mrs. Tricia Kelnhofer

EL Teacher

I am fortunate to work with many students and teachers in the Pulaski Community School ...

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Ms. Melinda (Mindy) Kohls

Learning Support Teacher

My name is Mindy Kohls, and I am the Learning Support Teacher at Pulaski High School. I...

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Mr. John Krause

Social Studies Teacher

I am a Social Studies Teacher and the Social Studies Department Chair at Pulaski High S...

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Mr. Martin Krause

English Teacher

My first professional job was teaching English at Pulaski High School in 1994.&nbs...

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Mrs. Paula Krause

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Paula Krause and I am a teacher in the Social Studies Department at Pulaski ...

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Ms. Samantha Kurth

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Samantha Kurth. I have been a member of the math department at P...

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Keela LaFave

Food Service Employee - Cook

Mrs. Kacie Langlitz

English Teacher

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Mrs. Mallory Lichon

Family and Consumer Science / Health Sciences Teacher

Hello my name is Mallory Lichon, and I teach in the Family and Consumer Science Departm...

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Mr. Steven Linssen

Associate Principal

Steve Linssen joined PHS as associate principal in 2017.  His career began at Shaw...

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Mrs. Laura Lojpersberger

English Teacher

I am Mrs. Laura Lojpersberger and I am a member of your Pulaski High School English dep...

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Jia Ludwick


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Ms. Brooke Lynch

Associate Principal

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Mr. Terry Manning

English Teacher

Since starting with the Pulaski Community School District in 1998, I have served as a t...

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Mrs. Rhonda M. Maroszek


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Mr. Jerad Marsh

Tech Ed Teacher

Hello! I grew up in Seymour, went to college at UW-Stout earning a B.S. in Technology E...

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Mr. Timothy Marshall

Special Education Teacher

As a high school special education teacher I am committed to helping each student achie...

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Ms. Tamara Martens

Math Teacher

Hi, my name is Tamara Martens. This will be my first year in the Pulaski Community Scho...

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Mr. Luke Martinson

Math Teacher

Hi. My name is Luke Martinson and I have been teaching math at Pulaski High School sinc...

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Jack Matheny


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Mrs. Carrie A Matuszak

Attendance Office Administrative Assistant

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Mr. Tate McMillan

Special Education Teacher

My name is Tate McMillan and I am a part of the Science and English Teams with the Spec...

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Mrs. Jean McWey

Speech & Language Pathologist

My name is Jean McWey.  I am the speech/language pathologist at Pulaski Community ...

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Mr. Ryan Mentink

English Teacher, Activities Director

Hi, my name is Ryan Mentink, and I am English teacher at Pulaski High School. In additi...

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Ms. Jaime L. Meulemans


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Mr. Hunter Micolichek

Asst. School Resource Officer

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Mr. William Mihalski

Math Teacher

I currently teach Math 1A, Math 1 and Advanced Math 1. I am a proud product of the...

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Mrs. Tracey Mitchell

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mrs. Liz Moehr

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

I have had the pleasure of teaching Family and Consumer Science (FACS) in Pulaski since...

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Mrs. Jessica Moseng

Phy-Ed & Health Teacher

My name is Jessica Moseng and I am a Physical Education and Health teacher at Pulaski H...

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Mr. Dustin Neubauer

Science Teacher

My name is Dusty Neubauer, I teach Biology and Environmental Science at Pulaski Hi...

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Mr. Michael Nickerson

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Mr. Michael Nickerson, and I may be your child’s Economics or Social...

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Cooper Nuthals


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Mrs. Jenny Olson

Athletics Administrative Assistant

DegreesAdministrative Professional, NWTC

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Darral Otto


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Mr. Jeremy Pach


Hello, my name is Jeremy Pach. I am the Principal at Pulaski High School. Expertise ...

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Ms. Wanda Peters

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mr. Cedric Pettis

Agriculture Teacher

Hello! I am Mr. Pettis, one of the Agriscience Teachers at Pulaski High School. I enjoy...

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Mr. Max Pirman

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Max Pirman and I grew up in Green Bay and attended St. Norbert College major...

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Mr. John Pitzen

Tech Ed Teacher

My name is John Pitzen and I teach our Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Principles of Engine...

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Ms. Lynn Place

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Mrs. Pamela J. Raymakers


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Mr. Clay Reisler

Business Education Teacher

Current Courses Personal Finance, Social Media Marketing, Computer Applications (Micr...

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Mrs. Dori Rettler

Special Education Teacher

Hey, My name is Dori Rettler and I a Special Educator at Glenbrook Elementary. I have...

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Ms. Liz Retzlaff

Phy-Ed Teacher

I have been teaching Physical Education at Pulaski High School since 2015. Physical fit...

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Mr. Todd Rodal

Social Studies Teacher

This year I am honored to teach primarily juniors and seniors in US history and Race,...

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Mrs. Becky Ruechel

Special Education Teacher

About Me: Hello, my name is Becky Ruechel and I am a special educator at Pulaski Com...

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Mrs. Jackie Salewski

Administrative Assistant

Hi! My name is Jackie Salewski and I am the Office Manager at Pulaski High School ...

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Ms. Jamee Sampson

World Language Teacher - Spanish

Hola! My name is Jamee Sampson and I've been in the district since 2016. I ...

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Mr. Kaleb Santy

Agriculture Teacher

I teach the multitude of classes that are found in the Pulaski High School Agriscience ...

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Mr. Dave Shaw

Phy-Ed Teacher

Its a great day to be Red Raider! Year Started 2009 - Present Degrees Bach...

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Debra Sickles


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Mrs. Susan Simoens

Pulaski News Staff

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Ms. Holly J. Simons


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Mrs. Gina Siolka

Student Services Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Rita Skalecki


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Mr. Arthur Smurawa, Jr.

Science Teacher

I am a Science Teacher at Pulaski High School.  I teach Earth Science, Chemistry a...

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Mrs. Makalyn Soltvedt

Digital Learning Specialist

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Mr. Aaron Sperduto

Art Teacher

My name is Aaron Sperduto. I teach Art at Pulaski High School. I am also the Yearbook A...

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Mr. Adam Spindler

Special Education Teacher

Hello, my name is Adam Spindler and I am a Special Education teacher at Pulaski High Sc...

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Mr. Jeffrey Stoeberl

Special Education Teacher

My name is Jeffrey Stoeberl and I am a Special Education Teacher in the Special Educa...

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Mrs. Tami Sullivan


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Mrs. Mary Tebo

Special Education Teacher

My name is Mary Tebo, and I am a special education teacher at PHS. I worked at Gillett ...

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Mr. Aaron Triphan

Special Education Teacher

My name is Aaron Triphan and I started in 2009 in the Pulaski Community School Dis...

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Ms. Amy Tubbs

English Teacher

I currently teach Adv. English 9, English 9, and Pulaski News. I advise the drama club,...

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Ms. Ana Turba

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! My name is Ana Turba and this is my fourth year at Pulaski High School. I ...

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Mr. Bob Van Enkenvoort

Communications Coordinator

Expertise: Bob Van Enkenvoort is communications coordinator for the Pulaski Commun...

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Mrs. Tracie Van Gheem-Rottier

World Language Teacher - Spanish

Hola.  My name is Tracie Van Gheem-Rottier and I am a Spanish teacher in the World...

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Mrs. Billi Vertz

Science Teacher

My name is Billi Vertz. I teach Applied Biology, Biology and AP Biology. I love learnin...

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Mr. Jeff Waggoner

School Counselor

I am excited to return to Pulaski High School as a School Counselor, responsible for st...

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Ms. Molly Waggoner

Special Education Teacher

My name is Molly Waggoner and I am a Special Education Teacher at Pulaski High School. ...

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Mrs. Taylor Walters

Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher

  I have had the pleasure of teaching Family and Consumer Science (FACS) in Pul...

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Ms. Jessica Wampler

English Teacher

Hello! My name is Jessica Wampler and I am an English teacher at Pulaski! I gradua...

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Donna Watermolen


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Mrs. Becky Wellens

Literacy Coach & Program Support Teacher

I'm a literacy coach for grades 6-12 in Pulaski and a program support teacher speci...

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Mrs. Melissa Welsing

Science Teacher

Hello! My name is Melissa Welsing and I teach Biology, Earth Science, and Astronomy&nbs...

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Mr. Adam Winkler

School Resource Officer

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Mr. Derek Zahn

Science Teacher

  My name is Derek Zahn. I teach Applied Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science,...

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