Pulaski High School People

Photo of Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith


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Photo of Steven Linssen

Steven Linssen

Associate Principal

Steve Linssen joined PHS as associate principal in 2017.  His career began at Shaw...

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Photo of Brooke Lynch

Brooke Lynch

Associate Principal

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Photo of Emily Alger-Feser

Emily Alger-Feser

English Teacher

Hello! I am Emily Alger-Feser. I teach English at Pulaski High School. As a P...

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Photo of Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Science Teacher

Hello! My name is Dan Anderson and I am a science teacher at Pulaski High School. I tea...

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Photo of Alexa Aulik

Alexa Aulik


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Photo of Beth Babik

Beth Babik

Health Paraprofessional

Photo of Brianna Baranczyk

Brianna Baranczyk

Business Teacher

My name is Brianna Baranczyk, and I teach business education at Pulaski High Schoo...

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Photo of Ms. Janel Batten

Ms. Janel Batten

High School Athletics Director

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Photo of David Bikowski

David Bikowski

District Technician

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Photo of Mr. Stephen Blackford

Mr. Stephen Blackford

Science Teacher

Hello. My name is Steve Blackford and I've been teaching Physics and occasionally...

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Photo of Mrs. Michelle Bonafilia

Mrs. Michelle Bonafilia

Special Education Teacher

Hello! I am a Special Education teacher at Pulaski High School and I co-teach...

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Photo of Hannah Bramschreiber

Hannah Bramschreiber

School Psychologist

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Photo of Christopher J. Brooks

Christopher J. Brooks

Academic Support Teacher

Hello!  My name is Chris Brooks.  I am the new Academic Support Teacher....

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Photo of Mrs. Kathryn Brown

Mrs. Kathryn Brown

Choir Teacher

Degrees UW-Green Bay - Bachelor of Music -1995 UW-Madison - Master of Music - 200...

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Photo of Mrs. Rebekka Budz

Mrs. Rebekka Budz


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Photo of D. Thomas Busch

D. Thomas Busch

Director of Bands

Degrees BA UW Green Bay 1990 MME Lesley Univ. Cambridge, MA 2004 Awards ...

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Photo of Carly Cerrato

Carly Cerrato

K-12 School Social Worker

Hello! My name is Carly Cerrato and I am the K-12 School Social Worker for the Pulaski ...

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Photo of Wendy Challis

Wendy Challis


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Photo of Beth Cook

Beth Cook

World Language - French

Bonjour!  My name is Beth Cook and I am the French teacher for Pulaski Middle and ...

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Photo of Cindy De Neys

Cindy De Neys


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Photo of Mr. Max DeHut

Mr. Max DeHut

Tech Ed Teacher

My name is Max DeHut I have been teaching at Pulaski High School since 2011. The classe...

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Photo of Bernadette Dervish

Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

Hi! As a school nurse, I assist all age groups across the district. I act as a bridge b...

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Photo of Mr. Joseph Diefenthaler

Mr. Joseph Diefenthaler

Library Media Specialist

My name is Joe Diefenthaler (AKA Mr D) and I am the Library Media Specialist at the Pul...

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Photo of Daniel Emmerich

Daniel Emmerich

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Daniel Emmerich, I have been teaching in the Pulaski Community School D...

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Photo of Kristin Ewald

Kristin Ewald

Native American Liaison

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Photo of Mrs. Kimberly Froseth

Mrs. Kimberly Froseth

English Teacher

My name is Kimberly Froseth and this is my tenth year of teaching, but only my second y...

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Photo of Christy Glysch

Christy Glysch

School Psychologist

Photo of Mr. Kare Goodness

Mr. Kare Goodness

Special Education Teacher, Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello! I am Kare Goodness, the Adaptive Physical Education teacher for Pulaski Communit...

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Photo of Mr. Jeffrey Gosse

Mr. Jeffrey Gosse

Science Teacher

I teach AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry and Forensic Science at PHS. I ...

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Photo of Ms. Leah Grant

Ms. Leah Grant

School Counselor

I am entering my 22nd year in education and still love my job!  My goal ...

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Photo of Mr. Michael Guerrero

Mr. Michael Guerrero

Instrumental Music Teacher

As Assistant Director of Bands and Director of Jazz Studies, I will serve Pulaski High ...

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Photo of Mr. Tyler Hanson

Mr. Tyler Hanson

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Tyler Hanson.  I am a member of the Pulaski High School math dep...

Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Heck

Mrs. Jennifer Heck

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Jennifer Heck, a member of the Pulaski High School math department. I...

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Photo of Mr. John Heinz

Mr. John Heinz

Work Experience/Job Coach

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Photo of Mr. Travis Hendzel

Mr. Travis Hendzel

Special Education Teacher

Hi, my name is Travis. I come to Pulaski with several years of experience in Special Ed...

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Photo of Mr. Sam Hunt

Mr. Sam Hunt

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Sam Hunt. I am a member of the Pulaski High School mathematics d...

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Photo of Mr. Joel Jarock

Mr. Joel Jarock

Math Teacher

I am a lifelong resident of Pulaski, graduating from PHS in 1989. I enjoy being a part ...

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Photo of Molly Kaczrowski

Molly Kaczrowski

Special Education Teacher

My name is Molly Waggoner and I am a Special Education Teacher at Pulaski High School. ...

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Photo of Shelby Kaisershot

Shelby Kaisershot


I am excited to be at Pulaski High School as a School Counselor. I am responsible for s...

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Photo of Mr. Rick Kamps

Mr. Rick Kamps

Tech Ed Teacher

Hello, my name is Rick Kamps and I am a Tech Ed teacher at the high school.  I tea...

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Photo of Anastasia Karademas

Anastasia Karademas

English Teacher

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Photo of Brianna Karcz

Brianna Karcz

Math Teacher

My name is Brianna Karcz and I teach Math 3 and am the lead Project Based Learning...

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Photo of Mr. Spencer Karls

Mr. Spencer Karls

Art Teacher

Education  University of Wisconsin - Green Bay:  BA, Studio Art (2013) ...

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Photo of Mrs. Sara Kelly

Mrs. Sara Kelly

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Sara Kelly and I am excited to be teaching World History, AP Human Geography...

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Photo of Zackary Knuth

Zackary Knuth

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Mr. John Krause

Mr. John Krause

Social Studies Teacher

I am a Social Studies Teacher and the Social Studies Department Chair at Pulaski High S...

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Photo of Mr. Martin Krause

Mr. Martin Krause

English Teacher

My first professional job was teaching English at Pulaski High School in 1994.&nbs...

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Photo of Mrs. Paula Krause

Mrs. Paula Krause

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Paula Krause and I am a teacher in the Social Studies Department at Pulaski ...

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Photo of Ms. Samantha Kurth

Ms. Samantha Kurth

Math Teacher

Hello, my name is Samantha Kurth. I have been a member of the math department at P...

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Photo of Ms. Gina LaCount

Ms. Gina LaCount

Student Services Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Keela LaFave

Keela LaFave

Food Service Employee - Cook

Photo of Mrs. Kacie Langlitz

Mrs. Kacie Langlitz

English Teacher

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Photo of Mrs. Mallory Lichon

Mrs. Mallory Lichon

Family and Consumer Science / Health Sciences Teacher

Hello my name is Mallory Lichon, and I teach in the Family and Consumer Science Departm...

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Photo of Spencer Lichon

Spencer Lichon

Strength & Conditioning/Wellness Coach

Photo of Mrs. Laura Lojpersberger

Mrs. Laura Lojpersberger

English Teacher

I am Mrs. Laura Lojpersberger and I am a member of your Pulaski High School English dep...

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Carrie Lundy

Paraprofessional/Shuttle Driver

Photo of Andrew Mannenbach

Andrew Mannenbach

Social Studies Teacher

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Photo of Rhonda M. Maroszek

Rhonda M. Maroszek


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Photo of Mr. Jerad Marsh

Mr. Jerad Marsh

Tech Ed Teacher

Hello! I grew up in Seymour, went to college at UW-Stout earning a B.S. in Technology E...

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Photo of Ms. Tamara Martens

Ms. Tamara Martens

Math Teacher

Hi, my name is Tamara Martens. This will be my second year in the Pulaski Communit...

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Photo of Mr. Luke Martinson

Mr. Luke Martinson

Math Teacher

Hi. My name is Luke Martinson and I have been teaching math at Pulaski High School sinc...

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Photo of Jack Matheny

Jack Matheny


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Photo of Carrie A Matuszak

Carrie A Matuszak

Attendance Office Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Mr. Tate McMillan

Mr. Tate McMillan

Special Education Teacher

My name is Tate McMillan and I am a part of the Science and English Teams with the Spec...

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Photo of Mrs. Jean McWey

Mrs. Jean McWey

Speech & Language Pathologist

My name is Jean McWey.  I am the speech/language pathologist at Pulaski Community ...

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Photo of Mr. Ryan Mentink

Mr. Ryan Mentink

English Teacher, Activities Director

Hi, my name is Ryan Mentink, and I am English teacher at Pulaski High School. In additi...

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Photo of Ms. Jaime L. Meulemans

Ms. Jaime L. Meulemans


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Photo of Hunter Micolichek

Hunter Micolichek

School Resource Officer

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Photo of Ms. Melinda (Mindy) Micolichek

Ms. Melinda (Mindy) Micolichek

Learning Support Teacher

My name is Mindy Kohls, and I am the Learning Support Teacher at Pulaski High School. I...

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Photo of Mr. William Mihalski

Mr. William Mihalski

Math Teacher

I currently teach Math 1A, Math 1 and Advanced Math 1. I am a proud product of the...

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Photo of Mrs. Liz Moehr

Mrs. Liz Moehr

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

I have had the pleasure of teaching Family and Consumer Science (FACS) in Pulaski since...

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Photo of Erin Montgomery

Erin Montgomery

Agriscience Teacher

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Photo of Mrs. Jessica Moseng

Mrs. Jessica Moseng

Phy-Ed & Health Teacher

My name is Jessica Moseng and I am a Physical Education and Health teacher at Pulaski H...

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Photo of Naddia Navarrette

Naddia Navarrette


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Photo of Mr. Michael Nickerson

Mr. Michael Nickerson

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Mr. Michael Nickerson, and I may be your child’s Economics or Social S...

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Photo of Nicole Norman

Nicole Norman

Food Service Employee

Photo of Heather Oliver

Heather Oliver

Food Service Employee

Photo of Darral Otto

Darral Otto


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Photo of Wanda Peters

Wanda Peters

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Photo of Cedric Pettis

Cedric Pettis

Agriculture Teacher

Hello! I am Mr. Pettis, one of the Agriscience Teachers at Pulaski High School. I enjoy...

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Photo of Paiton Piper

Paiton Piper

Science Teacher

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Photo of Mr. Max Pirman

Mr. Max Pirman

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Max Pirman and I grew up in Green Bay and attended St. Norbert College major...

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Photo of Mr. John Pitzen

Mr. John Pitzen

Tech Ed Teacher

My name is John Pitzen and I teach our Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Principles of Engine...

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Photo of Lynn Place

Lynn Place

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Photo of Pamela J. Raymakers

Pamela J. Raymakers


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Photo of Ms. Hannah Reimer

Ms. Hannah Reimer

Special Education Teacher

My name is Hannah Reimer and I am a special education teacher at Pulaski High School. I...

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Photo of Clay Reisler

Clay Reisler

Business Education Teacher

Current Courses Personal Finance, Social Media Marketing, Computer Applications (Micr...

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Photo of Mrs. Dori Rettler

Mrs. Dori Rettler

Special Education Teacher

Hey, My name is Dori Rettler and I a Special Educator at Glenbrook Elementary. I have w...

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Photo of Ms. Liz Retzlaff

Ms. Liz Retzlaff

Phy-Ed Teacher

I have been teaching Physical Education at Pulaski High School since 2015. Physical fit...

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Photo of Jay Robaidek

Jay Robaidek

Social Studies Teacher

My name is Jay Robaidek, and I teach in the Social Studies Department at Pulaski High S...

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Photo of Mr. Todd Rodal

Mr. Todd Rodal

Social Studies Teacher

This year I am honored to teach primarily juniors and seniors in US history and Race, E...

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Photo of Mrs. Jackie Salewski

Mrs. Jackie Salewski

Administrative Assistant

Hi! My name is Jackie Salewski and I am the Office Manager at Pulaski High School ...

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Photo of Ms. Jamee Sampson

Ms. Jamee Sampson

World Language Teacher - Spanish

Hola! My name is Jamee Sampson and I've been in the district since 2016. I ...

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Photo of Mr. Dave Shaw

Mr. Dave Shaw

Phy-Ed Teacher, Boys Basketball Coach

Its a great day to be Red Raider! Year Started 2009 - Present Degrees Bach...

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Photo of Susan Simoens

Susan Simoens

Pulaski News Staff

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Photo of Ms. Kaitlin Skarban

Ms. Kaitlin Skarban

Math Teacher

Hello! My name is Kaitlin Cherney and I currently teach Math 1, Math 1A, and Advanced M...

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Photo of Arthur Smurawa, Jr.

Arthur Smurawa, Jr.

Science Teacher

I am a Science Teacher at Pulaski High School.  I teach Earth Science, Chemistry a...

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Photo of Makalyn Soltvedt

Makalyn Soltvedt

Digital Learning Specialist

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Photo of Aaron Sperduto

Aaron Sperduto

Art Teacher

My name is Aaron Sperduto. I have been teaching Art at Pulaski High School since 1997. ...

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Photo of Adam Spindler

Adam Spindler

Special Education Teacher

Hello, my name is Adam Spindler and I am a Special Education teacher at Pulaski High Sc...

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Photo of Mr. Jeffrey Stoeberl

Mr. Jeffrey Stoeberl

Special Education Teacher

My name is Jeffrey Stoeberl and I am a Special Education Teacher in the Special Educati...

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Photo of Tami Sullivan

Tami Sullivan


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Photo of Diane Taylor

Diane Taylor

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Mary Tebo

Mrs. Mary Tebo

Special Education Teacher

My name is Mary Tebo, and I am a special education teacher at PHS. I worked at Gillett ...

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Photo of Jennifer Thomson

Jennifer Thomson

Athletics Administrative Assistant

Degrees Administrative Professional, NWTC

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Photo of Amy Tubbs

Amy Tubbs

English Teacher

I currently teach Adv. English 9, English 9, and Pulaski News. I advise the drama club,...

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Photo of Sara Tulppo

Sara Tulppo

School Counselor

Hello! I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to support students at Pulaski High ...

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Photo of Ms. Ana Turba

Ms. Ana Turba

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! My name is Ana Turba and this is my sixth year at Pulaski High School. I w...

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Photo of Bob Van Enkenvoort

Bob Van Enkenvoort

Communications Coordinator

Expertise: Bob Van Enkenvoort is communications coordinator for the Pulaski Commun...

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Photo of Mrs. Tracie Van Gheem-Rottier

Mrs. Tracie Van Gheem-Rottier

World Language Teacher - Spanish

Hola.  My name is Tracie Van Gheem-Rottier and I am a Spanish teacher in the World...

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Photo of Bryce Van Vreede

Bryce Van Vreede

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Billi Vertz

Billi Vertz

Science Teacher

My name is Billi Vertz. I teach Applied Biology, Biology and AP Biology. I love learnin...

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Photo of Alexis Vuksan

Alexis Vuksan

English Teacher

Hi there! My name is Alexis Whitney, and this is my 3rd year teaching English at P...

Photo of Mr. Jeff Waggoner

Mr. Jeff Waggoner

School Counselor

I am excited to be a School Counselor at Pulaski High School, responsible for students ...

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Photo of Mrs. Taylor Walters

Mrs. Taylor Walters

Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher

  I have had the pleasure of teaching Family and Consumer Science (FACS) in Pul...

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Photo of Ms. Jessica Wampler

Ms. Jessica Wampler

English Teacher

Hello! My name is Jessica Wampler and I am an English teacher at Pulaski! I gradua...

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Photo of Mary Weis

Mary Weis


Photo of Becky Wellens

Becky Wellens

Literacy Coach & Program Support Teacher

I'm a literacy coach for grades 6-12 in Pulaski and a program support teacher speci...

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Photo of Mrs. Melissa Welsing

Mrs. Melissa Welsing

Science Teacher

Hello! My name is Melissa Welsing and I teach Biology, Earth Science, and Astronomy&nbs...

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Photo of Adam Winkler

Adam Winkler

School Resource Officer

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Photo of Mr. Derek Zahn

Mr. Derek Zahn

Science Teacher

  My name is Derek Zahn. I teach AP Environmental Science, Applied Biology,...

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Photo of Valerie Zurn

Valerie Zurn


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