Glenbrook Elementary People

Photo of Kurtis Sufka

Kurtis Sufka


My name is Kurtis Sufka and I am privileged to be the principal of Glenbrook Elementary...

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Photo of Tom Krause

Tom Krause

Associate Principal

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Photo of Amy Angeli

Amy Angeli

Kindergarten Teacher

I began my career at Fairview Elementary School where I worked for 7 years as an Early ...

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Photo of Katie Backhaus

Katie Backhaus

Early Childhood Teacher

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Photo of Tammi Benning

Tammi Benning

Glenbrook 4K Aide

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Photo of Tricia Birr

Tricia Birr

1st Grade Teacher

I started teaching in 2011. Currently, I am a 1st grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary...

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Photo of Shannon Bishop

Shannon Bishop

Special Education Teacher

I began teaching in 2002. I have taught Kindergarten through age 21, and in all Special...

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Photo of Cora Blackburn

Cora Blackburn

4th Grade Teacher

My name is Cora Blackburn and I am a Fourth Grade Teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. I ha...

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Photo of Kristin Boerst

Kristin Boerst

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Candice Bogacz

Candice Bogacz

School Counselor

After spending several years working with children and families as a Social Worker in c...

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Photo of Dennis Bogacz

Dennis Bogacz

Phy-Ed Teacher

For years, I was known as "coach." Since resigning as head football coach in ...

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Photo of Tracey Brewczynski

Tracey Brewczynski

3rd Grade Teacher

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of the third grade teachers ...

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Photo of Shara Brunke

Shara Brunke

2nd Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Shara Brunke. I've been teaching third grade since 2000 here at G...

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Photo of Jessica Burich

Jessica Burich

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Jessica Burich and I am a special education teacher at Glenbrook Elem...

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Photo of Susan Clairmont

Susan Clairmont


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Photo of Jaime Deeslie

Jaime Deeslie

Physical Therapist

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Photo of Justin Depiesse

Justin Depiesse

3rd Grade Teacher

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Emma Derber

Special Education Teacher

Hello, my name is Emma Derber. I am apart of the Special Education department. This is ...

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Photo of Nicole Diemel

Nicole Diemel

5th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Nicole Diemel and I am a fifth grade teacher at Glenbrook. I joined t...

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Photo of Lori Duval

Lori Duval

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Lori Duval and I teach Kindergarten at Glenbrook Elementary Scho...

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Photo of Michelle Fischer

Michelle Fischer


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Photo of Betsy Gallagher

Betsy Gallagher

District Nurse

I am one of two registered nurses in the Pulaski Community School District.  I man...

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Photo of Melissa Gloudemans

Melissa Gloudemans

5th Grade Teacher

Hello! I am Melissa Gloudemans and I teach 5th grade at Glenbrook Elementary. This will...

Photo of Mr. Kare Goodness

Mr. Kare Goodness

Special Education Teacher, Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello! I am Kare Goodness, the Adaptive Physical Education teacher for Pulaski Communit...

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Photo of Sandy Harvey

Sandy Harvey


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Photo of Amber Haynes

Amber Haynes


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Photo of Angel Heim

Angel Heim

Physical Therapy Assistant

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Photo of Jennifer Hibbard

Jennifer Hibbard

Speech & Language Therapist

I have worked in Pulaski Schools since 2007. I at multiple locations in the Pulaski sch...

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Photo of Jane Hinderman

Jane Hinderman

Kindergarten Teacher

Degrees B.A. in Elementary Education K-6 from University of Wisconsin Platteville;M.A....

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Photo of Beth Jaime

Beth Jaime

Art Teacher

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Photo of Staci Karcz

Staci Karcz

3rd Grade Teacher

I am a third grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. I have been teaching in Pulask...

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Photo of Alison Kessel

Alison Kessel

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Alison Kessel and I teach kindergarten at Glenbrook Elementary School...

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Photo of Jean Kraning

Jean Kraning

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Photo of Kandace Lardinois

Kandace Lardinois

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Sara Larsen

Sara Larsen

Glenbrook 4K Teacher

Hi, my name is Sara Larsen. I teach 4K at Glenbrook Elementary and love every minu...

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Photo of Susan Lewin

Susan Lewin

1st Grade Teacher

I have served as a Title 1 Kindergarten teacher, primary reading teacher, 3rd grade tea...

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Photo of Jenny Limberg

Jenny Limberg

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Angie Ludwig

Angie Ludwig

1st Grade Teacher

My name is Angie Ludwig and I teach first grade here at Glenbrook Elementary. I began t...

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Photo of ChrisAnn Makurat

ChrisAnn Makurat

Student Centered Coach

Ms. ChrisAnn Makurat Student-Centered Coach Hello! My name is Chrissy Makurat, an...

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Photo of Sara Malchow

Sara Malchow

Digital Learning Specialist

Hello! My name is Sara Malchow. I am a passionate and child-centered educator...

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Photo of Amy Mathwig

Amy Mathwig

Speech & Language Therapist

I am one of the Speech and Language Pathologists at Glenbrook Elementary, as well ...

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Photo of Amanda McAllister

Amanda McAllister

2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Amanda McAllister and I am a second grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary Sc...

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Photo of Linda McDermid

Linda McDermid

Food Service Employee - Cashier

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Photo of Amber Molle

Amber Molle

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a speech therapist specializing in early intervention in the Pulaski School Distri...

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Photo of Joann Neily

Joann Neily


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Photo of Bill Nisporic

Bill Nisporic

District Technician

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Photo of Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson

Special Education Teacher

I have worked in the Pulaski School District since 2000 as a special education teacher....

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Photo of Joseph Pickart

Joseph Pickart


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Photo of Wayne Pierre

Wayne Pierre

Music Teacher

Hi! My name is Wayne Pierre and I have taught general music at Glenbrook Elementary sin...

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Photo of Harold Pliss

Harold Pliss


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Rebecca Popek

Learning Support Teacher K-5

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Photo of Amanda Rodenhauser

Amanda Rodenhauser

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! Me llamo Señorita Rodenhauser (My name is Ms. Rodenhauser).&nb...

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Photo of Deborah Rodgers

Deborah Rodgers


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Photo of Megan Rupno

Megan Rupno

3rd Grade Teacher

My name is Megan Rupno and I am a third grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. Before t...

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Photo of Marianne Rybak

Marianne Rybak

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Photo of Debi Schmidt

Debi Schmidt

1st Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Debi Schmidt. I am a 1st grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary S...

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Photo of Rebecca Schneider

Rebecca Schneider

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Krista Schroeder

Krista Schroeder

Special Education Teacher

My name is Krista Schroeder.  I have been a teacher in an ID classroom since 2015 ...

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Photo of Sheila Skalecki

Sheila Skalecki

4th Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Mrs. Sheila Skalecki, and I am a fourth grade teacher at Glenbrook El...

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Photo of Todd Skinkis

Todd Skinkis

5th Grade Teacher

My name is Todd Skinkis and I am a fifth grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. I start...

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Photo of Anna Stoub

Anna Stoub


Photo of Tracy Sundstrom

Tracy Sundstrom

Paraprofessional - Health Glenbrook

Hi. My name is Tracy Sundstrom and I am a Health Aide at Glenbrook Elementary.&nbs...

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Photo of Emily Tewes

Emily Tewes

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! My name is Emily Tewes and I love my job. Teaching Spanish to young childr...

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Photo of Tracy Van De Yacht

Tracy Van De Yacht

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Photo of Rachel VandeCastle

Rachel VandeCastle

4th Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Rachel Nett and I am a fourth grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary Scho...

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Photo of Kayla Varebrook

Kayla Varebrook

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Megan Verba

Megan Verba


Photo of Lisa Voelz

Lisa Voelz

Cross Categorical Special Education Teacher

Photo of Jodie Walker

Jodie Walker

3rd Grade Teacher

I teach fourth grade at Lannoye elementary. Degrees BS in Human Development;Teachin...

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Photo of Amy Wendricks

Amy Wendricks

1st Grade Teacher

Hello! I am Amy Wendricks and I have been teaching at Glenbrook School since 2000. Curr...

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Photo of Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler

Administrative Assistant - Before & After School

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Photo of Krystal White

Krystal White

Learning Support Teacher

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Photo of Tracy Wiedeman

Tracy Wiedeman

2nd Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Tracy Wiedeman and I am a second grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary S...

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Photo of Carrie Wiese

Carrie Wiese

2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Carrie Wiese and I am a Second Grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary School....

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Photo of Carol Witthuhn

Carol Witthuhn


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Photo of Sam Wright

Sam Wright

4th Grade Teacher

Hi there! My name is Sam Wright and I am a fourth grade teacher at Glenbrook.  ...

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Photo of Heidi Yaw

Heidi Yaw

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Heidi Yaw. I am the kindergarten special education teacher at Glenbro...

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Photo of Diane Zernicke

Diane Zernicke


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