Glenbrook Elementary People

Ms. Amy Angeli

Kindergarten Teacher

I began my career at Fairview Elementary School where I worked for 7 years as an Ear...

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Ms. Katie Backhaus

Early Childhood Teacher

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Mrs. Tammi Benning


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Mrs. Tricia Birr

1st Grade Teacher

I started teaching in 2011. Currently, I am a 1st grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary...

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Mrs. Shannon Bishop

Special Education Teacher

I began teaching in 2002. I have taught Kindergarten through age 21, and in all Special...

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Mrs. Cora Blackburn

4th Grade Teacher

My name is Cora Blackburn and I am a Fourth Grade Teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. I ha...

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Mrs. Candice Bogacz

School Counselor

After spending several years working with children and families as a Social Worker in...

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Mr. Dennis Bogacz

Phy-Ed Teacher

For years, I was known as "coach." Since resigning as head football coach i...

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Ms. Julie Bouzek


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Ms. Tracey Brewczynski

3rd Grade Teacher

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of the third grade teachers ...

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Mrs. Shara Brunke

2nd Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Shara Brunke. I've been teaching third grade since 2000 here at G...

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Ms. Lauren Buckingham

Speech & Language Pathologist

Hi! My name is Lauren Buckingham and this is my first year working as a Speech-Language...

Mrs. Jessica Burich

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Jessica Burich and I am a special education teacher at Glenbrook Elem...

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Mrs. Jessica Cappeart

Special Education Teacher

Hello, my name is Jessica Cappeart. I am a Special Education Teacher at Glenbrook Eleme...

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Diane Chartrand


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Jaime Deeslie

Physical Therapist

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Mr. Justin Depiesse

1st Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Nicole Diemel

5th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Nicole Diemel and I am a fifth grade teacher at Glenbrook. I joine...

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Mrs. Lori Duval

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Lori Duval and I teach Kindergarten at Glenbrook Elementary Scho...

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Ms. Amy Fialkowski

Learning Support Teacher

My name is Amy Fialkowski and I am a Learning Support Teacher at Glenbrook Elementar...

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Mrs. Michelle Fischer


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Skye Francis


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Betsy Gallagher

District Nurse

I am one of two registered nurses in the Pulaski Community School District.  I man...

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Melissa Gloudemans

5th Grade Teacher

Hello! I am Melissa Gloudemans and I teach 5th grade at Glenbrook Elementary. This will...

Ms. Dawn Golla


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Mr. Kare Goodness

Special Education Teacher, Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello! I am Kare Goodness, the Adaptive Physical Education teacher for Pulaski Communit...

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Mrs. Beth Hansen


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Sandy Harvey


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Mrs. Kate Hebel

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Kate Hebel and I am a Special Education Teacher at Glenbrook Elementa...

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Angel Heim

Physical Therapy Assistant

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Mrs. Jennifer Hibbard

Speech & Language Therapist

I have worked in Pulaski Schools since 2007. I at multiple locations in the Pulaski s...

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Mrs. Jane Hinderman

Kindergarten Teacher

DegreesB.A. in Elementary Education K-6 from University of Wisconsin Platteville;M.A. i...

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Ms. Beth Jaime

Art Teacher

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Sheila Kabat

Kindergarten Teacher

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Kayla Kaminski

Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Staci Karcz

3rd Grade Teacher

I am a third grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. I have been teaching in Pulask...

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Mrs. Alison Kessel

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Alison Kessel and I teach kindergarten at Glenbrook Elementary Sch...

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Jean Kraning

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mr. Tom Krause

Associate Principal

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Karie Kuhn


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Mrs. Kandace Lardinois

Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Sara Larsen

Glenbrook 4K Teacher

Hi, my name is Sara Larsen. I teach 4K at Glenbrook Elementary and love every minu...

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Mrs. Susan Lewin

1st Grade Teacher

I have served as a Title 1 Kindergarten teacher, primary reading teacher, 3rd grade tea...

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Ms. Jenny Limberg

2nd Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Angie Ludwig

1st Grade Teacher

My name is Angie Ludwig and I teach first grade here at Glenbrook Elementary. I bega...

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Ms. ChrisAnn Makurat

Student Centered Coach

Ms. ChrisAnn Makurat Student-Centered Coach Hello! My name is Chrissy Makurat, an...

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Mrs. Sara Malchow

Digital Learning Specialist, Glenbrook Elementary

Hello! My name is Sara Malchow. I am a passionate and child-centered educator...

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Mrs. Amy Mathwig

Speech & Language Therapist

I am one of the Speech and Language Pathologists at Glenbrook Elementary, as well ...

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Mrs. Amanda McAllister

2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Amanda McAllister and I am a second grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary ...

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Linda McDermid

Food Service Employee - Cashier

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Alessandra Mendez

English Language Teacher

Hi friends! My name is Alessandra Mendez and I am a district wide English Language...

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Mrs. Kimberlee Miller

Kindergarten Teacher

Hi! My name is Kimberlee Miller and I have been teaching in the district since 2006....

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Mrs. Amber Molle

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a speech therapist specializing in early intervention in the Pulaski School Dist...

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Mrs. Megan Murray


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Mrs. Joann Neily


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Ms. Rachel Nett

4th Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Rachel Nett and I am a fourth grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary Scho...

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Mr. Bill Nisporic

District Technician

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Mrs. Sarah Olson

Special Education Teacher

I have worked in the Pulaski School District since 2000 as a special education teache...

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Mr. Wayne Pierre

Music Teacher

Hi! My name is Wayne Pierre and I have taught general music at Glenbrook Elementary sin...

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Ms. Lydia Pionek

Before & After School

Srta. Amanda Rodenhauser

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! Me llamo Señorita Rodenhauser (My name is Ms. Rodenhauser).&nb...

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Ms. Deborah Rodgers


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Mrs. Megan Rupno

3rd Grade Teacher

My name is Megan Rupno and I am a third grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. Before t...

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Marianne Rybak

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Mrs. Debi Schmidt

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Debi Schmidt. I am a Kindergarten teacher at Fairview Elementary Scho...

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Mrs. Rebecca Schneider

Special Education Teacher

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Krista Schroeder

Special Education Teacher

My name is Krista Schroeder.  I have been a teacher in an ID classroom since 2015 ...

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Sue Sikorski

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Mrs. Sheila Skalecki

4th Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Mrs. Sheila Skalecki, and I am a fourth grade teacher at Glenbrook El...

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Mr. Todd Skinkis

5th Grade Teacher

My name is Todd Skinkis and I am a fifth grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary. I start...

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Mr. Kurtis Sufka


My name is Kurtis Sufka and I am privileged to be the principal of Glenbrook Elementary...

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Mrs. Tracy Sundstrom

Para-Professional - Health Glenbrook

Hi. My name is Tracy Sundstrom and I am a Health Aide at Glenbrook Elementary.&nbs...

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Sra. Emily Tewes

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! My name is Emily Tewes and I love my job. Teaching Spanish to young childr...

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Tracy Van De Yacht

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Ms. Kayla VandenLangenberg

ELL Teacher

Hello, my name is Kayla VandenLangenberg. I am one of the teachers in our EL program. I...

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Mrs. Jodie Walker

3rd Grade Teacher

I teach fourth grade at Lannoye elementary. DegreesBS in Human Development;Teaching...

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Mrs. Amy Wendricks

1st Grade Teacher

Hello! I am Amy Wendricks and I have been teaching at Glenbrook School since 2000. Curr...

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Susan Wheeler

Administrative Assistant - Before & After School

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Mrs. Krystal White

Learning Support Teacher

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Mrs. Tracy Wiedeman

2nd Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Tracy Wiedeman and I am a second grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary S...

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Mrs. Carrie Wiese

2nd Grade Teacher

My name is Carrie Wiese and I am a Second Grade teacher at Glenbrook Elementary School....

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Kim Winkler

Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Mrs. Sam Wright

4th Grade Teacher

My name is Mrs. Sam Wright and I am a fourth grade teacher at Glenbrook. I have been...

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Mrs. Heidi Yaw

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Heidi Yaw. I am the kindergarten special education teacher at Glenb...

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Ms. Diane Zernicke


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