About Our School

Glenbrook is the largest elementary school in the Pulaski Community School District and is located in the heart of the Village of Pulaski. Glenbrook Elementary serves students who reside in Pulaski and the surrounding rural areas in the townships of Angelica, Chase, and Maple Grove.

The school's motto is Love, Laughter, and Learning, which is the foundation of our learning community. Enthusiastic and dedicated teachers help with shared-decision making in the school, while also serving on various committees such as PBIS, curriculum, technology, and leadership teams. 

Quick Facts

  • School time: 7:40-2:48
  • Grades: 4K-5
  • Staff Members: 102
  • Student Enrollment: Approximately 535
  • After School Program

Glenbrook Fact Sheet

School History

Glenbrook was constructed in the early 1900s as a grade school that eventually turned into Pulaski High School. It was converted back into a grade school in the 1970s. Since then, the building has seen many additions and transformations.

During the 1990s, the District saw an increase in students. In 1998, the District passed a referendum to build a new high school allowing the development of the Pulaski Community Middle School. Because of this, all of the elementary schools, including Glenbrook, became a K-5 school.

School Highlights

  • There is an After School Program
  • Student to teacher ratio of 18:1 or better in K-3 classrooms
  • Scheduled intervention blocks (LEAP) for additional reading support
  • Library Media Specialists (LMS) incorporate technology and have turned the library into a hub with soft seating, mobile labs, and a fun learning environment
  • 2014 Golden Apple teachers of distinction
  • Summer support program in reading and math
  • Annual Artist in Residence project
  • 2014: Katie Macai, who is a published author, talked about the strategies of writing. It was something that both students and teachers were excited about.
  • 2013: Sandy Melroy created a painting in a hallway that is a combination of what students think of Glenbrook
  • School-based boy and girl scout troops
  • Numerous clubs, such as Student Council, morning choir, AAA, and safety patrol
  • Community sponsored athletic groups, such as soccer, basketball, flag football, baseball, dance, and wrestling
  • PBIS model for positive behavior support
  • Two gymnasiums
  • District model classrooms for technology
  • School Report Card score: 67.3, meets expectations
  • Full time principal and an associate principal on staff

School Programs

  • Home to the CD Program for students with disabilities
  • LSTs come up with social and academic plans for students with disabilities
  • Early World Languages grades K-5
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Pulaski High School students and community members take an hour out of their day every week to have lunch and to participate in an activity with a Glenbrook student
  • Title One reading, including a Title One teacher
  • PEAK (gifted and talented)
  • PBIS
  • Young Authors Anthology
  • Battle of the Books

School Curriculum

  • Strong academic focus on reading, writing, math, and social studies
  • Common Core Standards
  • Everyday Math, Einstein Science Kits, and Daily 5
  • Specialists in music, art, physical education, guidance, learning support, and library
  • Differentiated instruction: flexible groups, guided reading groups, and learning centers
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Gifted and talented services
  • Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments in math and reading twice a year to focus on student growth
  • AIMS web and PALS assessments to focus on student growth

School Technology

  • SMART boards in every grade level classroom
  • iPads and iPod Touches as student learning tools
  • Online parent communication via Skyward Student
  • School computer labs, classroom computers, and mobile labs for student use for all grade levels
  • WiFi available throughout school