Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Safe

You may be hearing lots of talk about the Raider Way...getting to the Wall of Fame, or our motto of Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.  The Pulaski Community School District has fully implemented PBIS in all of our schools.

The Raider Way, also known as PBIS, proves to be very successful in teaching students expected behaviors and we look forward to a continued positive school environment this year.

Here are the basics:
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive school district behavior management system that consistently teaches, models, and reinforces the behavioral expectations of respect, responsibility and safety.

Research has shown that PBIS is effective in reducing discipline problems, increasing instruction time, and creating safer and more positive environments in our schools, homes and community.

Teaching and Learning are predominant themes of PBIS

  • When kids can’t read ……....…...we teach them.
  • When kids can’t swim ……….......we teach them.
  • When kids can’t multiply ………...we teach them.
  • When kids can’t behave ………..  we discipline them?  No, we teach them!

Like everything else involved in the education of a child, positive behavior is something we must teach.

Basic approach to Strengthen Positive Behavior

  • Teach (All Staff)
  • Model (Consistent by all)
  • Practice (In all settings)
  • Reinforce
  • Re-teach

Here is some information on how the Raider Way works at Glenbrook School. 

The students earn red tickets everyday in all areas of the school.  These tickets are redeemed for prizes in the classroom or can be used at our school store which is held every other month.  For every 100 tickets earned, a ball goes into our bubble gum machine outside of the library.  Once the bubble gum machine is filled, a school-wide celebration is held.

The Wall of Fame highlights our students who have earned all the letters of PRIDE, showing exceptional behavior:  Practicing Respectful Behavior, Remaining Responsible, am Safe, Demonstrating Kindness, and Excellence in Achievement.

We encourage you to be a vital part of your child's success at school by your support of our PBIS initiative of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe.


Your Glenbrook PBIS Team

Let's Make it a Raider Day!