Ms. Tracey Brewczynski

Ms. Tracey Brewczynski

3rd Grade Teacher

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I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of the third grade teachers at Glenbrook Elementary School.  I am Tracey Brewczynski (Bref Chin Ski) or Miss B. for short and yes, I am proudly 100% Polish and originally from the great village of Pulaski.  

I tell everyone that I grew up in Shippy Park.  Living just two houses away, I spent most of my childhood there on the merry-go round, looking for interesting bugs in the creek, or trying to touch the "Pulaski" written on the water tower with my feet while swinging on the swing set. It was in that park that I truly fell in love with the community of Pulaski.  Growing up, I also played a lot of softball and basketball for PYO and cherished every second I spent on the diamonds or courts across the state representing our great town.  During my time at Pulaski High School, I was highly involved in the band program as a percussionist and wrote for the Pulaski News for a bit covering our amazing wrestling teams.  I chose to attend UW-Green Bay for my first two years of college.  During this time, I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a preschool aide at ABVM and I also had the chance to do many of my pre-service teaching hours at Glenbrook.  On the weekends, I played piano and organ at Assumption BVM church. I finished my college career at UW-Oshkosh where I graduated with honors and was also chosen to be the student commencement speaker for my graduating class.  That was pretty cool! Right after graduation I accepted a position teaching fourth grade at Heritage Elementary in De Pere.  I taught there for six years before moving to Susie C. Altmayer Elementary, also in De Pere, after it was built.  There I continued to teach fourth grade for six years, gaining tons of professional experience across all facets of education.  My proudest moment however, came when I received the Golden Apple Award in 2011.  That same year, I received my Masters Degree from St. Norbert College.  In 2021, I won another Golden Apple Award with my virtual teaching partner for the work we did during virtual learning.  That was pretty exciting as well!   

A few years ago, I had the great opportunity to begin teaching third grade at Hillcrest Elementary, and have since moved to teaching third grade at Glenbrook.  So, why come back to the Pulaski School District?  The answer to this question is quite simple.  For me, it’s all about coming home.  I am a concertina playing/ polka dancing Polish girl from Pulaski and no matter where I’ve been or where I’ve taught, nobody can take the Red Raider out of me.  My great grandparents came to this village many years ago and worked hard for this community.  I really do understand the rich tradition, pride and excellence this place has and I am honored to call Pulaski my forever home.  I grew up here, I am still deeply committed to the community, and I can't wait to give back to the community even more. I guess you could say that I am truly "loyal to you Pulaski High!"              

As a teacher, I have a deep commitment to education which can be seen in everything I do.  My passion is for children and for their future.  My strength as a teacher is in experiential learning.  I thrive at creating unforgettable hands on learning experiences that place students right at the heart of their learning.  I also take great care in creating a culture for learning that nurtures students’ minds, bodies and spirits and love to encourage even the craziest of ideas to take flight.  I am enthusiastic, high energy, and extremely dedicated.  Teaching for me has never been about what I do.  Instead, being a teacher is who I am and I can’t honestly imagine ever doing anything else.  

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