The district will NOT call parents & guardians for school cancellations or delays due to weather.

  • Emails: All parents & guardians will receive an email of a cancellation or delay, unless you have opted-out of Weather alerts
  • Text Messages: If you want to receive a text message, click this link for information and how to sign-up
  • Phone Calls: No phones calls will be made

Below are other ways school cancellations and delays will be published:

If you want to modify your alert settings, here are the steps:

  • Log into Skyward Family Access
  • Click on Skylert – located on left-side
  • Click Edit
  • Add any alternative email addresses and/or phone numbers where you would like alerts sent
  • Check the boxes for each corresponding categories for all of your email addresses and phone numbers
  • Click Save

The winter months often bring weather changes which impact student transportation. Listed below is information related to inclement weather.

Many elementary students (Fairview, Hillcrest, Lannoye and Sunnyside) are picked up and dropped off by a bus that runs a middle school/high school route first. In this case, the second route bus may be running a bit behind schedule on days when the weather is bad.

Whenever roads require slow bus travel, please be aware that your children will be arriving home later than the usual time. It may be as much as a half-hour or more later. We ask that you be patient in dealing with this situation.

Should you have a need to contact the school concerning a late bus, dial the appropriate after-hours number as follows:

  • Glenbrook: 822-6100
  • Fairview: 899-6300
  • P.C.M.S.: 822-6500
  • Lannoye: 865-6400
  • Sunnyside: 822-6200
  • P.H.S.: 822-6700
  • Hillcrest 272-6900  
  • District: 822-6001

Someone at the respective building will take your message and get back to you as soon as possible.

Should you have a need to contact the Transportation Department concerning a late bus they can be reached at 920-822-6040.

School Closing Information

Information regarding the status of school closing, late start or early dismissal can be obtained by listening to the radio or television. Announcements will be forwarded for broadcast by the radio and television stations as soon as decisions are reached before school or during the day as conditions warrant.

Tune your radio to WTAQ (1360 AM), WQLH (98.5 FM), WDUZ (1400 AM), WNFL (1440 AM), WNCY (100.3 FM), WIXX (101.1 FM), WROE (94.3 FM), WOCO (1260 AM, 107.1 FM), WLYD (99.7 FM), WOGB (103.1 FM) or WTCH (960 AM, 99 FM) for any weather closing information.

We will also have this information on WBAY-TV (Channel 2), WFRV-TV (Channel 5), WGBA-TV (Channel 26), WACY-TV (Channel 32), and FOX-TV (WLUK - Channel 11) for those who are hearing impaired.

As an additional option, information will also be available on our District website at

Every effort is made to make a decision regarding school by 6:00 a.m.

Emergency/ Weather Related Late Start

When a two-hour delay is called, routes will run two hours later than regularly scheduled.

Emergency/Weather Related Late Start / Early Dismissal Schedule

Emergency/Weather Related Early Dismissal

When an early dismissal is called, we will follow the drop-off schedule and dismiss the middle school, high school, Glenbrook and BVM students and then Fairview, Hillcrest, Lannoye and Sunnyside Elementary school students.

Early dismissals require communication to determine where your child should be dropped off. We ask that if you select an emergency drop-off site for your child, you keep it in your neighborhood and on the same bus route. Please notify your building principal, in writing, by December 1 if you wish an emergency drop-off site.

Please do not call the schools to determine if they will be dismissing early because all telephone lines are needed to notify bus drivers/contractors and to contact the radio stations, weather bureau and other agencies.

Early Childhood and 4K (4 Year-Old Kindergarten)

  1. When the district is canceled for the day, the early childhood and 4K programs are canceled.
  2. The morning session of early childhood and 4K are canceled when there is a late start.
  3. The afternoon session of early childhood and 4K are canceled when there is an early dismissal.

Thank you for your cooperation in all weather-related circumstances. We appreciate working with you and your children. If you have any questions, please contact your building principal or the Transportation Office.