Registration Fees

Fee Information

  • Student fees & food service fees can be added to just one shopping cart.
  • Your Required Fees will be automatically added to the Fee Payment screen.  If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, your Required Fees will not appear - If you want to view your fees, you can click on Fee Management on left-side within Family Access
  • If paying Online, there will be a $2 convenience fee.  Paying online directions.
  • If paying by Check, you will need to print out the Fee Payment step in registration and mail in the statement and check to your school OR you can bring the statement and check to Walk-In Registration. Paying by check directions
  • To print out the Fee Payment step, you can do one of the following:  Right-Click on the page and choose Print  OR  push  Ctrl + P on your keyboard.  Go to this link for print directions

Fee Costs

  • Student Fee: goes towards the district’s costs of resources (texts and licenses), consumable program materials (workbooks and science kits), and items for individual use (lab goggles, etc).
  • Student Fee Amount: $20 - Elementary, $55 - Middle School, $75 - High School.
  • Athletic Fees: PCMS - $20, PHS - $30
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