Lunch Prices

Meal prices are reviewed annually and adjusted for increased food, supply and labor costs. Meal prices are approved by the district's Board of Education each June for the following school year. 

Current Lunch Prices

Grade Breakfast Lunch
K-5 $2 $3
6-8 $2 $3.25
9-12 $2 $3.50
Reduced Free 40 cents
Staff $3 $4.50
Guest Adult $3 $4.50
Child Visitor-Elem $2 $3


In addition to traditional lunches, students also have the option to purchase a la cart items during the lunch hour. However, parents/guardians do have the option to block this option for their student(s). View this memo for more information.  The district also provides information for students with disabilities and special dietary restrictions. View disability and dietary restrictions information

These items are available for purchase only when the student or staff member have a positive balance or cash to pay for the following items.  All of the items listed follow the District Nutrition Guidelines and are in line with USDA nutrition standards for the school lunch program.

A la Carte Prices - PHS

A la Carte Prices - PCMS

Pricing Elementary