Food in the Classroom

Birthday Celebrations in the Classroom

Parents/guardians are allowed to celebrate their child’s birthday with their classmates. The district encourages that this is done without food and several suggestions are provided on our resource tab on how a parent may do this.

Parents/guardians may send a snack for the class on their child’s birthday. Parents are encouraged to send a snack that is on the recommended snack list and is packaged by the store. If a parent chooses to make a homemade treat, we have included several recipes on this website that can help to make birthday treats more healthy. All treats must be nut free.

Holidays and Other Celebrations

When celebrating with food, it is required that these food celebrations be limited as much as possible. Classrooms are encouraged to celebrate without food. When a holiday or other celebration is planned and involves food, teachers and room parents will need to follow the District Nutrition Standards.

Rewards and Incentives

For large group rewards or incentives, use of food is highly discouraged. Any use of food for large group incentives will be approved by the building principals and will follow District Nutrition Standards. Children are not allowed to share snacks or food brought in by individuals with each other, either in school, on the bus or at school sponsored events such as Field Trips due to prevalence of food related allergies.

Vending/Non-vending sales/School Store/Concessions

During the school day, 100% of vending/non-vending sales, and school stores must meet District Nutrition Standards. Vending, non-vending, and school store sales of all food and beverages not meeting the District Nutrition Standards will be available on school grounds only after the conclusion of the school day. A minimum of 50% of all vending and non-vending offerings at all school district sponsored events beginning after the conclusion of the instructional day must meet District Nutrition Standards.

All school groups involved in vending and non-vending sales are encouraged to use selective pricing, i.e. healthy items are priced lower.

Vending/non-vending, and school store products are prohibited from being sold in competition with school meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and After School Program).

*School Day is defined as the hours of the instructional day, bell to bell determined by each schools hours.