Classroom Guide to Healthy Snacking

Recommended Snack List Non-Recommended Snack List
Fruit Soda
Vegetables Water Ices
100% Fruit or Vegetable Juices Chewing Gum
Water Candies
Non Fat or Low Fat Milk Hard Candies
Non Fat or Low Fat Dairy Jellies
Whole Grains, breads, crackers, etc. Marsh Mellow Candies
Baked Snacks/Chips Fondant (frosting)
Lean Meats-Chicken, Turkey Licorice
Small Portions of Nuts; i.e. peanuts, walnuts, almonds Spun Candies
*Keep snacks to mimic the guidelines of the food guide pyramid Candy Coated Popcorn

To make baked goods less calorie dense and with added nutrients, reference the table below for easy swaps in your homemade goods healthier

Original Ingredient New Ingredient Benefits Exchange
Margarine/Oil/Butter Applesauce Reduce fat and increase Vitamin A 1:1 exchange
All Purpose Flour Whole Wheat Flour Increase fiber Swap 50%-100% of the Whole Wheat with the All Purpose
Egg Ground Flax Seed Increase Fiber, Lower Cholesterol 1 tablespoon for each egg
Ricotta Cheese Cream Cheese Lower Fat/Calories 1:1 exchange- even the whole fat cream cheese has less fat that ricotta cheese