School Programs


The Pulaski Community Middle School music program lays the groundwork to prepare the students for the rigor and amazing opportunities they will be given in the high school music program.

The marching band performs at the Pulaski Polka Days Parade, with the Pulaski High School marching band at high school football games, and at a Milwaukee Bucks’ game each year. They also take trips to Minnesota to perform for new audiences and hold multiple sell-out concerts each year. Many people have said that the Pulaski Community Middle School bands are comparable to many high school bands in the area, which is a testament to the quality of the Pulaski High School bands.

The middle school choirs also have a great track record as they have performed at many statewide concerts and competitions such as the Nicolet Memorial Gardens’ Memorial Day Service, Singing In Wisconsin Choral Music Festival in Appleton, and the Choir Large Group Music Festival at Roncalli High School. They have performed the National Anthem at Milwaukee Brewer, Green Bay Gambler, and Timber Rattler games. On top of this, approximately 60-70 choir members participate in Solo and Ensemble each year.


The Pulaski Community Middle School drama program consists of a musical each spring, and is an extremely popular event within the Pulaski Community School District as it sells out months before the show. Nearly 200 students are involved in the production, which is a testament to the strength of our music department throughout the school district. The pit band for the performances is comprised of Pulaski High School band students who are recommended by their teacher to be a part of this. At the end of the school year, the troop travels and performs the musical at the UW-Madison Hospital, the American Family Children's Hospital, and the Ronald McDonald House. It is an amazing act of kindness that the directors started in 2008 and plans to continue as time moves forward. The middle school has performed musicals The Music Man, Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, and Shrek the Musical.

Red Raider Restaurant

The Student cookingStudents in the Cognitive Disabilities (CD) classroom at PCMS run the Red Raider Restaurant, which is open once a month.

The students purchase, prepare, serve, and clean the meal as a way to learn life skills. Students and staff members can buy tickets to receive this delicious lunch which can range from pasta to soup.

The money earned is then put toward a community event.

GO Time

This is a half-hour block of time in our day between 4th and 5th hour that is set aside for students to participate in enrichment courses that will allow them to experience improvement in an area of high interest and/or need. Learn more »