Mr. Jeff Waggoner

Mr. Jeff Waggoner

School Counselor

I am excited to return to Pulaski High School as a School Counselor, responsible for students whose last names begin with the letters Q-Z. I am eager to start each year to help students pursue their passions, develop their perspectives and contribute to their communities.

Assistant Football Coach

B.A. in Communications; UW Madison, 1992;M.S. in Educational Psychology; UW Milwaukee, 1995

Professional Interests
Helping students find a passion and teach them how to continually pursue this passion upon graduating from PHS.

Menomonee Falls High School, School Counselor, 1995-2009; Ben Franklin Elementary School, Menomonee Falls, School Counselor, 2009-2011; Pulaski High School, School Counselor, 2011-2015; Pulaski Community Middle School, Dean of Students/Athletic and Activities Coordinator, 2015-2018

Mail Location

1040 S. St. Augustine Street