Youth Risk Behavior Survey Notice

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Notice

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our school is taking part in the Wisconsin Online Youth Risk Behavior Survey.  The survey will ask about health behaviors of 6th grade through 8th grade students.  The survey will ask about behaviors that result in unintentional and intentional injuries, tobacco use, and alcohol and other drug use.  It will ask about dietary behavior, emotional health, and physical safety.

Students will be asked to fill out a computer-based questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes to complete.  They will take the survey during regular class time, on September 23rd, 2021. 

The results of this survey will help children in the future by influencing health and safety programs.  The survey has been designed to protect your child’s privacy.  Students will not put their names on the survey.  Also, no class or student will ever be mentioned by name in a report of the results.   We would like all of the selected students to take part in this survey, but the survey is voluntary. No action will be taken against you, or your child, if your child does not take part.  Students can skip any question that they do not wish to answer.  In addition, students may stop participating in the survey at any point without penalty.

There will be a copy of the survey in the Main Office if you wish to look at it and if you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Pat Fullerton at 822-6502 or  If you do not want your child to take part in the survey please send a note stating that to the Main Office, addressed to Pat Fullerton.

Thank you.