Fairview Elementary People

Photo of Niki Napralla

Niki Napralla


My name is Niki Napralla and I am the Principal at Fairview Elementary. Besides the day...

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Photo of Jean Bergner

Jean Bergner


Photo of Lisa Berzowski

Lisa Berzowski

Title 1/Learning Support Teacher

I am the Title 1/ Learning Support Teacher at Fairview Elementary. I enjoy watching the...

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Photo of Sarah Bovee

Sarah Bovee

4K Teacher

Hello, I am the 4K teacher at Fairview.  This is my 19th year at Fairview and I tr...

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Photo of Melanie Christiansen

Melanie Christiansen



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Photo of Sherry Czarapata

Sherry Czarapata

Bus Driver Route 202 / Cashier

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Photo of Bernadette Dervish

Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

Hi! As a school nurse, I assist all age groups across the district. I act as a bridge b...

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Photo of Katie Ehrfurth

Katie Ehrfurth

Sunnyside 2nd Grade Teacher

Hi! I'm Katie Ehrfurth and I am very excited to begin second grade with your studen...

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Photo of Katie Elledge

Katie Elledge

5th Grade Teacher

I am excited to be teaching at Pulaski Community School Distrcit. My husband and I live...

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Photo of Lisa Folkman

Lisa Folkman


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Photo of Catherine Franke

Catherine Franke

3rd Grade Teacher

Hi!  My name is Cathy Franke and I teach 3rd grade at Fairview Elementary.  I...

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Photo of Annemarie Fraser

Annemarie Fraser

Kindergarten Teacher

Hi! My name is Annemarie Fraser and I will be teaching Kindergarten at Fairview Element...

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Gina Hacker

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Sarah Hansen

Sarah Hansen

Digital Learning Specialist & Student Centered Coach

Hello!  I am the Digital Learning Specialist and Student Centered Coach here at Fa...

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Photo of Amber Haynes

Amber Haynes


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Photo of Jennifer Klopotic

Jennifer Klopotic


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Photo of Jordyn Knowlton

Jordyn Knowlton

1st Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Jordyn Knowlton and I joined the Pulaski Community School District an...

Photo of Mrs Beth Krepline

Mrs Beth Krepline

Music Teacher

Hello! I am Beth Krepline, Music teacher for Hillcrest and Fairview Elementary.  I...

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Photo of Andrew LaFave

Andrew LaFave

Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello, my name is Andy LaFave and I am the Physical Education teacher at Hillcrest and ...

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Photo of ChrisAnn Makurat

ChrisAnn Makurat

Student Centered Coach

Ms. ChrisAnn Makurat Student-Centered Coach Hello! My name is Chrissy Makurat, an...

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Photo of Alicia Michaud

Alicia Michaud

Art Teacher

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Photo of Brea Murch

Brea Murch

Speech & Language Therapist

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Photo of Bill Nisporic

Bill Nisporic

District Technician

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Photo of Melissa Nowak

Melissa Nowak

Fairview 4K Aide

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Photo of Craig Piczkowski

Craig Piczkowski

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Anne Powers

Anne Powers


I started in the district as an EIR and Special Education Paraprofessional at Glenbrook...

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Photo of Sharon Rychter

Sharon Rychter

Spanish teacher

¡Hola!  My name is Sharon Rychter and I am the World Languages Teacher for G...

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Photo of Stefanie Schuette

Stefanie Schuette

2nd Grade Grade Teacher

This school year 2023-2024 is my 8th year teaching in Pulaski! I am a 2nd grade teacher...

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Photo of Paula VanDerLinden

Paula VanDerLinden

School Counselor

I love working with the students of the Pulaski School District.  I take on a few ...

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Photo of Aubrey Wiegel

Aubrey Wiegel

4th Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Aubrey Wiegel and I am a fourth grade teacher at Fairview Elementary....

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Photo of Cristina Monica Wittlinger

Cristina Monica Wittlinger

ELL Teacher

My name is Cristina Wittlinger. I am one of the ELL teachers for the Pulaski School Dis...

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Photo of Emily Younkle

Emily Younkle

World Language Teacher - Spanish

  ¡Hola!  My name is Emily Younkle and I am the World Languages ...

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Photo of Anthony Zabel

Anthony Zabel

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Anthony Zabel and I am the Special Education Teacher at Fai...

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