Fairview PSO

The purpose of the Fairview PSO is to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement in school and the community, and to improve the environment at Fairview through volunteer, community, and financial support. 

What does the Fairview PSO do?  It supports Fairview teachers, classroom activities, and school improvement projects.  For example, the PSO raises funds to provide busses for class field trips so that out of pocket cost to parents is minimal.  Teachers can request funds for purchasing additional materials for the classroom so that their out of pocket expense is minimal as well.  The PSO also assists in paying for school assemblies or special presentations to enhance students’ learning experiences. Fundraising also provides financial support for school improvement projects, such as the outdoor classroom in the school forest and updates to the school playground and library media center. 

The Fairview PSO also collaborates with Fairview Elementary school to coordinate family fun nights, such as movie and game nights, activities in the school forest, attending events like Green Bay’s Get Air, DQ/Figaro’s Family Nights, etc.

For more information on how you can support Fairview Elementary’s PSO, please contact us at fvpsoco@gmail.com