How will the community benefit from this plan?

This digital learning initiative will provide student with access to technology to deepen their learning experiences in our classroom, prepare them with necessary skills for their future, and have similar educational experiences as students in surrounding school districts who they will be competing for jobs in the future.

Students will have access to a vast amount of digital content that provides engaging and challenging instruction anytime, anywhere for all learners.

Families will have the ability to more actively follow and participate in their child’s learning since learning can extend beyond the classroom and school day.

Our Community will have students who graduate with critical skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth and development within the Red Raider Country community.

Teachers will have resources that personalize instruction and develop skills in collaboration and creation that students will apply to college, career and life experiences, equipping them to excel in a rapidly changing digital world.


How will the students/district benefit from the plan?

Why an iPad for Every Student

  • Engages students in learning
  • Enhances and accelerates learning for all student learning needs
  • Promotes collaboration, creation, consumption, critical thinking and digital citizenship
  • Strengthens technology skills necessary for future student success
  • Aligns implementation to adopted state and local standards
  • Supports Personalized Learning Plans at Pulaski Community Middle School
  • Supports Flex Mod Scheduling at Pulaski High School
  • Creates efficiency for Online Standardized Testing
  • Stay competitive with other school districts in the area