Vision and Mission

The Vision of The Digital Learning Plan is to provide access to technology to...

Transform learning
Allowing students to collaborate, create, and personalize their learning
Equip our students to excel
Engaging students with the resources, skills, and knowledge to improve student learning in school
Enriching students to be prepared for college, career and life experiences in a digital world
Extend Learning
Provide access to content so learning can extend beyond the classroom and parents can become actively involved in their children's academic career

The Mission of the Digital Learning Plan is to provide opportunities for students in the 4 C's to...


Learn with and from classmates by collaborating digitally

Learn with and from experts around the world by collaborating digitally


Show what you know through the creation of digital projects using real world tools

Critically Think

Generate independent thinking, create, test, adjust and reflect on thoughts and solutions


Use digital content (videos, podcasts, websites, etc) to learn content and gain information