Mr. Mark LeMere

School Board Member

I am honored to have been elected to represent the Hobart/Oneida area on the Pulaski School Board.

As a nearly lifelong resident of Hobart, I had the opportunity to attend Pulaski Schools and now my children are attending them.  I have seen many changes to both the Hobart Community  and Pulaski Schools in the course of my lifetime.  We are truly blessed to be part of this district and have the professional staff in our schools to work with our children as well as our facilities.    The continued presence of Pulaski educators in the annual Golden Apple award process is a tangible sign of what level our district is performing at.

I believe education of our young people extends  beyond  the classroom  and that we all need to be involved in the lives of our students to help them grow and succeed.   I am  involved as a coach in PYSC/ Bay Lakes Soccer, Boy Scouts,  a Catechist at St. Joseph- Oneida and leader of the Pulaski Band MET force.    All of these activities allow me to interact with our youth enjoy watching them grow and develop.  It is truly a reward to see their success.


BSc - Chemistry St. Norbert College

R&D/Business Development - Nonwovens

Office Location

Zone 6 - Village of Hobart and Township of Oneida

Mail Location

4055 Hidden Trail, Hobart 54155