Rules and Procedures for Passengers

Rules and procedures are put into place for the safety of all our students.  Riding the school bus is a privilege and the school bus is considered an extension of the classroom with students demonstrating classroom behavior.

Misconduct on Buses  

During these unprecedented times, misbehavior will not be tolerated while riding the bus.  While riding the bus, students shall follow the posted rules, obey the bus driver, and remain seated while the bus is en-route. The bus driver will report on appropriate action if the bus rules are not followed.  The District may utilize video-monitoring devices and students may be video taped at anytime.  Procedures for handling misconduct will be as follows:

  • Bus drivers will be required to immediately report any passengers intentionally spreading their germs on the bus to the supervisor.  This will be reported directly to the school administrator.  The student will be removed from the bus route immediately and the parent will be responsible for transportation to and from school.
  • Students will be given only 1 warning by the bus driver for any misbehavior.  
  • Second misconduct instance will result in an immediate bus conduct.  Students will have a meeting with the principal and the principal will contact the parent.
  • Third instance will be immediate removal from the bus for 2 weeks and parents will be responsible for transporting.  
  • Upon returning after a 2 week suspension, any further behavioral issues will result in immediate suspension, up to the entire school year, based on the severity of the behavior.
  • Any requests to return back to busing must be submitted in writing to the school Principal by the parent and a meeting must take place with the parent, student and principal.

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Where is your student's busing information found? 

  • All eligible (non-walkers) students are provided with busing information via Parent Access through Skyward at the time of school registration in August. 
  • The school district will post bus stop information on Skyward where parents can view at any time.
  • Do not forget to sign up for busing this year.

Load Zone/Entrances

Parents are required to use designated areas at all the District schools for dropping off and picking up students to ensure the safety of everyone.  Load zones are marked with signs stating the times that buses will be using the zones. Never leave your vehicle in a loading zone area.  Please use the parking lot if you go into a school.

The Pulaski High School - PHS entrances by Door 1 and Door 2 are the designated Bus Load Zone.  Door 9 is the main parent pick up/drop off area.  If students plan to walk over to the middle school at the end of the day, it is extremely important that they use sidewalks and crosswalks.  Village Crossing Guards are on duty morning and afternoon.  Most buses have to go to outlying elementary schools for second routes after they drop off MS/HS students, so they depart promptly at 3:06pm every afternoon from PCMS - all students must be timely or they will miss the bus ride home.

The Pulaski Middle School is a “hub” for high school, middle school, Glenbrook and BVM students to ride home in the afternoon.  Glenbrook, BVM and High School students are shuttled to the Middle School in the afternoon.  Parents need to utilize the horseshoe area for dropping off and picking up students morning and afternoon. 

  • Parents & Older Siblings are not allowed to use the Middle School pool parking lot area for drop offs and pick ups between 7:00am-7:30am and 2:45pm-3:15pm. 

  • Buses will be traveling heavily in this area during those timeframes. 

  • Students area not allowed to be walking between buses and cars to get into the school. 

  • The Pulaski Middle School pool entrance is utilized by all school buses and is designated for Staff and Pool parking during school hours.

  • Buses do not travel in the "horseshoe" area. 

  • Security gates are also in place for safety. 

  • Motorists are not allowed to travel or park around the back of the Middle School by the stadium.

General Information for Parents and Students:

  • Students shall be on time at their assigned stop and allow a 10-minute window around their scheduled pick up and drop off time.
  • Students shall stay off the road and wait for the driver’s hand signal before crossing to board the bus.
  • Students in grades 4K-8 are permitted to walk up to 1/4 mile.  The walking distance for high school students is 1/2 mile. 
  • Buses do not travel down dead-end roads unless it is over the walking distance and there is a safe turnaround.   Buses do not travel down private driveways.  
  • Buses are not required to stop for students in grades 6-12 if students are not at their bus stop.  Centralized stops are utilized whenever possible.
  • Students that ride the bus in the morning are dropped off at all the village schools.  This includes PHS, PCMS, Glenbrook and Assumption.  
  • Students living within the Village of Pulaski reside in a "walk zone" and are not eligible to be bused unless residing in an unusually hazardous area which is east of Hwy 32.  Students living in the elementary attendance areas of Fairview, Hillcrest, Lannoye and Sunnyside are all eligible to be transported within the attendance area to and from school.  See the link to our Special Request for Alternate Location form for daycare or alternate stop under Forms.  Special requests received during the month of August may not become effective until October 1.
  • Parents are not required to call if a student is not riding the bus unless the stop is in a remote area (920) 822-6041.  
  • Due to Covid-19, Guest Riders are NOT allowed to ride another bus, so students cannot ride any bus home with friends.  
  • No animals are allowed on the bus (including fish, birds and insects).
  • For the safety of every student, once the student boards the bus, they will not be allowed off the bus until their assigned stop. Parent must contact the Transportation office if they need their child removed from the bus.
  • Buses traveling to and from extra curricular events are not allowed to drop students at an unscheduled location.
  • Parents, guardians, siblings, or any other unauthorized persons are NEVER allowed on the school bus at any time. Only authorized school personnel, chaperones and assigned students may board the bus.  Unauthorized persons are subject to a fine from local authorities. 
  • Address or phone number changes need to be reported to the school the student attends and changed in Skyward. The Transportation Office cannot change a bus stop location without a proper address and notice from the school of attendance.
  • Red Light Violations - if motorists do not stop for a school bus with the red lights flashing, they will be reported to local authorities and subject to a fine.  General rule, if you see any flashing lights on a school bus, be prepared to stop no matter what.

In addition to obeying general traffic rules, bus drivers must comply with the following rules and safe driving practices: 

  • Keeping doors closed while moving
  • Transport only authorized passengers
  • Aisles, stairwells and steps must be clear
  • Keep back row of seats clear if bus is not filled
  • Seat students with special needs toward the driver
  • Keep students seated when moving unless going to the door or to their seat
  • Prohibit smoking
  • Maintain a timely schedule, but not at the expense of safety
  • Always use approved routes and bus stops unless there is an emergency
  • Never leave the bus unattended with engine running
  • Always wear a safety belt