Transportation People

Ms. Karen Baranczyk

Bus Driver Route 601

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Ms. Dawn Bogucki

Van Driver

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Mr. Ed Brady

Sub Bus Driver

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Mr. Jack Breitenfeldt

Bus Driver St John Howard

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Ms. Sherry Czarapata

Bus Driver Route 202

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Ms. LuAnn Erb

Substitute Bus Driver

Dejana Ernst

Bus Driver Route 004

Ms. Carrie Fischer

Bus Driver Route 502

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Ms. Megan Foat

Van Driver

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Mr. Gary Gracyalny

Bus Driver Route 101

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Ms. Angeline Haen

Bus Driver Route 504

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Ms. Jessica Keck

Bus Driver Route 603

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Mr. Morris Koepke

Van Driver

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Ms. Meredith Korn

Bus Driver Route 003

Ms. Sherri Kozub

Bus Driver Route 002

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Mr. Peter Liss

Bus Driver Route 203

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Ms. Rhonda Matuszak

Bus Driver Route 006

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Mr. Todd McGuire

Bus Driver Route 103

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Mr. Darrell Mijal

Van Driver Syble Hopp

Mr. Daniel Prickril

Sub Van Driver

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Mr. David Quarzenski

Bus Driver Route 005

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Ms. Nikki Ruediger

Van Driver

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Ms. Mary Schroeder

Bus Driver Route 102

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Mr. Mark Seitz

Transport/Fleet Coordinator

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Ms. Lois Selle

Bus Driver Route 503

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Ms. Denise Smurawa

Bus Driver Route 501

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Mrs. Sandra Strachan

Bus Driver Route 001

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Ms. Joanne Strehlow

Bus Driver Route 602

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Ms. Tracey Szymanski

Transportation Coordinator

I have employed in the Transportation department since 1999, becoming the Supervisor in...

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Mr. Jeff Thompson

Sub Bus Driver

Mr. William White

Bus Driver - NDA/HF/PLG

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Ms. Renee Yurek

Bus Driver Route 201

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