Technology Model Rooms

Model Classrooms

As a district we recognize that for success in their futures, our classrooms need to provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively with others, brainstorm new ideas, think through problems to find solutions, and be creative and innovative.  We have a district vision for the curriculum, resources, and physical learning environment to facilitate these opportunities.  The creation of 5 model classrooms throughout the district has allowed students, staff, parents, and community to see this vision in action!  It has also given us multiple classroom environments to try out a variety of teaching and learning devices to see which are most beneficial for grade level and content needs. 

In the Spring of 2010, staff applied and five were selected to create and manage a model classroom!  It has been a greatly rewarding experience and one that brings new challenges and celebrations each day!  Thanks to the teachers and students in these classrooms for creating a learning environment that sets the stage for all Pulaski classrooms!

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