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Photo of Tina Caelwarts

Tina Caelwarts

Director of Information Technology

My name is Tina Caelwarts and I am the Director of Information Technology for the ...

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Photo of Amy Uelmen

Amy Uelmen

Director of Instructional Technology

I enjoy the opportunities and challenges my current position brings as well as the oppo...

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Photo of Sandra Boring

Sandra Boring


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Photo of Eric Amenson

Eric Amenson

District Technician

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Photo of David Bikowski

David Bikowski

District Technician

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Photo of Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Mobility Specialist

Expertise Mobile Device Management, iPad and MacBook Troubleshooting, Software Packagi...

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Photo of Bill Nisporic

Bill Nisporic

District Technician

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Photo of Eric Rouse

Eric Rouse

Network Systems Specialist

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Photo of Chia Vang

Chia Vang

Technology Intern