Speech & Language Program

Good communication is essential for success in speaking, thinking, writing, reading and learning. Poor communication skills can interfere with a child’s ability to build relationships and learn at school, home and in the community. Pulaski Community School District Speech/Language Pathologists (Therapists) provide services to children from 3 to 21 years of age who demonstrate Speech or Language Impairments as defined in State of Wisconsin Department of Instruction Criteria in the areas listed below:

  • Speech or Sound Production: articulation, phonology or motor speech delay
  • Language: receptive and/or expressive in the areas of semantics, syntax or pragmatics
  • Voice: pitch, loudness, quality or resonance
  • Fluency: stuttering, cluttering or motor speech disorders which impact fluency.

PCSD Speech/Language Pathologists also provide services to students with other Categorical Disabilities  who have demonstrated specific needs in speech and/or language.

The role of a speech-language pathologist is:

  • to serve students with identified speech-language disabilities
  • to evaluate students with whom parents or teachers have a specific speech or language concern
  • to consult and collaborate with parents and teachers about speech and language development  and how disabilities may affect academic progress.

A speech-language pathologist provides services:

  • Individually, in small groups or by providing whole-class lessons
  • In the speech room, regular education classroom or special education classroom
  • Through monitoring
  • By supporting classroom and special education teachers in providing interventions targeted towards improving communication skills.

To inquire about speech-language therapy services for your child:

  • Talk to your child’s teacher
  • Talk to the speech-language pathologist at your child’s school
  • Talk to the school psychologist who serves your child’s school
  • Call the PCSD Student Services office at 920-822-6020

Speech & Language Staff

Rachel Jarvey
District Speech/Language Support
Sunnyside Elementary School
Phone: 920-822-6208

Heidi Hoffman
Early Childhood Special Education
Phone: 920-822-6154

Jean McWey
Pulaski Community High School
Pulaski Community Middle School
Phone: 920-822-6563

Cheryl Turner
Hillcrest Elementary School
Pulaski Community Middle School
Phone: 920-822-0451

Lisa Senn
Glenbrook Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary School
Phone: 920-822-6151

Jennifer Hibbard
Glenbrook Elementary School
Phone: 920-822-6207

Amy Mathwing
Glenbrook Elementary School
Early Childhood Special Education
Program Support for Communication Development
Phone: 920-822-6118

Brea Murch
Lannoye Elementary School
Fairview Elementary School
ABVM Elementary School
Phone: 920-822-0415

Amber Molle
Early Childhood Special Education
Phone: 920-822-6152

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