Student Services People

Mrs. Lara Kuchenbecker

Assistant Director of Student Services

Degrees Bachelor of Science in Education - Dual Major of Special Education and Element...

Ms. Angie Moehring


Ms. Alissa Tetzlaff

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Amanda Boerst

EL Teacher

¡Hola! My name is Amanda Boerst. I have been teaching language learners since 200...

Ms. Melissa Boutott

Hearing Impaired Support Staff

Ms. Carly Cerrato

K-12 School Social Worker

Hello! My name is Carly Cerrato and I am the K-12 School Social Worker for the Pulaski ...

Jaime Deeslie

Physical Therapist

Mrs. Bernadette Dervish

District Nurse

 keeping children healthy, safe, in school, and ready to learn ... As a School ...

Mrs. Betsy Gallagher

District Nurse

  I am one of two registered nurses in the Pulaski Community School Distric...

Mrs. Christy Glysch

School Psychologist

Hi! I am Christy Glysch, the School Psychologist working with students, families, and s...

Mrs. Angel Heim

Physical Therapy Assistant

Ms. Nicole Hess

Education Diagnostician

Mrs. Tricia Kelnhofer

EL Teacher

I am fortunate to work with many students and teachers in the Pulaski Community School ...

Ms. Alessandra Mendez

English Language Teacher

Hi friends! My name is Alessandra Mendez and I am a district wide English Language...

Ms. Hannah Picel

School Psychologist

Mrs. Sara Simon

Occupational Therapist

My name is Sara Simon and I am an Occupational Therapist in the Pulaski Community Schoo...

Mrs. Tracy Van De Yacht

Physical Therapist Assistant

Mrs. Paula VanDerLinden

School Counselor

I love working with the students of the Pulaski School District.  I take on a fe...

Mrs. Lynn Wagner

Occupational Therapist

Hi!  I am Lynn Wagner, Occupational Therapist for the Pulaski Community School Dis...

Mrs. Becky Wellens

Literacy Coach & Program Support Teacher

I'm a literacy coach for grades 6-12 in Pulaski and a program support teacher speci...

Mrs. Kim Winkler

Occupational Therapy Assistant