School Psychology

School Psychologists and Program Support function in a supportive role to work collaboratively with staff, families, children, and youth to improve the educational experience and to provide a supportive, safe, and healthy learning environment for all students.

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School Psychologists & Staff

School Psychologist/District Screening Coordinator
Christy Glysch
School Psychologist
Glenbrook, Lannoye, EC, and Birth to 3
Phone: 920-822-6030

School Psychologist
Hannah Bramschreiber
Hillcrest, Pulaski Middle School
Phone: 920-822-6025

School Psychologist
PHS, Sunnyside, ABVM/Grace
Phone:  920-822-6022
Supportive Educational Diagnostician
Nicole Hess
Fairview, Pulaski High School, Early Childhood and 4K
Phone: 920-822-6024

Program Support Teacher

Becky Wellens
Hillcrest, Lannoye, Glenbrook, Sunnyside, Fairview, Middle School
District Crisis Intervention Trainer
Phone: 920-822-6731