Hunter Micolichek

Officer Hunter Micolichek has been assigned to be the part-time school resource officer in all five Pulaski Community School District elementary schools. He began his law enforcement career with the Pulaski Police Department in March, 2018. Prior to working for the village of Pulaski, he served as a correctional officer for the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department.

He sees the changes that he and Officer Adam Winkler have made in children's lives. When he is patrolling the village of Pulaski, he can see the children smile and wave at them. “This is the bond Officer Winkler and I have worked and strived for,” he said.

His main role as a school resource officer is to maintain a safe and secure environment so that every child can reach their fullest potential. Secondly, he strives to create a positive difference in the child's life. He also develops strategies with the children on how they can resolve problems together and learn from each other.

Officers Winkler and Micolichek also create teaching lessons for the children. Officer Micolichek goes into each elementary school to teach lessons to each grade twice a year. The breakdown of lessons that he teaches are below.

Kindergarten: Meet Officer Micolichek and Officer Winkler

First grade: Charlie Check First (Check before you go anywhere with anyone)

Second grade: Kelso’s choices (how we can resolve small problems ourselves)

Third grade: Eddie Eagle (Weapon Safety)

Fourth grade: Bullying/Conflict Resolution

Fifth grade: Cyberbullying/Alcohol and Other Drug awareness

The student resource officers are available for any questions or concerns you may have. They will continually strive to make a positive impact in your child's life.

If you would like to contact Officer Micolichek, please contact him by email.