English Learners (EL)

English as a Second Language services are provided to English Learners through the Student Services Department. We are privileged to be of service to students from several different language groups and at various levels of English proficiency. We currently have students from the following language groups: Spanish, Hmong, Russian, Dutch, and Somali. Each student brings something unique and special to the district and is a joy to work with.

The mission of the EL Department is to build language skills for limited English-proficient students in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. English Learners are students who speak a language other than English at home; they participate in the EL program until their English proficiency allows them to participate fully in the general education classroom. EL staff provide English instruction at the student’s current language level and support the student and family with assimilating into the Pulaski Community. This combination leads to the ultimate goal of empowering each student to become self-sufficient in a general education classroom and an integral part of our community.

EL Staff

EL Teacher
Kayla Ellisor

EL Teacher
Cristina Wittlinger

EL Teacher
Tessa Pellmann

EL Teacher
Alfredo Cintron

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