Hillcrest Elementary People

Photo of Mrs. Courtney Ambrosius

Mrs. Courtney Ambrosius

Early Childhood Teacher

Hi! My name is Courtney Ambrosius and I am a special education teacher at Fairview Elem...

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Photo of Mrs. Becky Barry

Mrs. Becky Barry

5th Grade Teacher

Hi my name is Becky Barry! I am one of the fifth grade teachers at Hillcrest Element...

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Photo of Emily Bashaw

Emily Bashaw

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello! My name is Emily Bashaw and this will be my first year as a Kindergarten teacher...

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Photo of Nerissa Behnke

Nerissa Behnke

1st Grade Teacher

My name is Nerissa Behnke and I am a first-grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School...

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Photo of Mark Chambers

Mark Chambers

Custodian I

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Photo of Ms. SoHappy Davids

Ms. SoHappy Davids

Learning Support Teacher/Native American Advocate

Koolamalsi - Hello, my name is SoHappy Davids and I am the Learning Support Teacher/Nat...

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Photo of Dawn DeBauche

Dawn DeBauche

Food Service Employee - Lead

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Photo of Mrs. Jessie DeMott

Mrs. Jessie DeMott

3rd Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Jessie DeMott. I am one of the third grade teachers at Hillcrest Element...

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Photo of Alyssa Doell

Alyssa Doell

Kindergarten Teacher

Hi! My name is Alyssa Doell. I am one of the Kindergarten teachers at Hillcrest Element...

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Photo of Mrs. Morgan Ducat

Mrs. Morgan Ducat

Special Ed. Teacher

My name is Morgan Ducat and I am a special education teacher at Hillcrest Elementa...

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Photo of Kayla Ellisor

Kayla Ellisor

ELL Teacher

Hello, my name is Kayla Ellisor. I am one of the teachers in our EL program. I will be ...

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Photo of Mrs. Emily Fridland

Mrs. Emily Fridland

1st Grade Teacher

My name is Emily Fridland and I am a First Grade Teacher at Hillcrest Elementary S...

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Photo of Betsy Gallagher

Betsy Gallagher

District Nurse

I am one of two registered nurses in the Pulaski Community School District.  I man...

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Photo of Ms. Gabriella Garcia

Ms. Gabriella Garcia

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mr. Kare Goodness

Mr. Kare Goodness

Special Education Teacher, Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello! I am Kare Goodness, the Adaptive Physical Education teacher for Pulaski Communit...

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Photo of Amy Grzeskowiak

Amy Grzeskowiak


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Photo of Mrs. Kerri Haertl

Mrs. Kerri Haertl

Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Kerri Haertl and I am a Special Education Teacher at Hillcrest Elemen...

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Photo of Daniel Harrington

Daniel Harrington


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Ashley James

Special Ed. Para

Photo of Ms. Lorie Jandrin

Ms. Lorie Jandrin


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Photo of Dana Jankovich

Dana Jankovich

5th Grade Teacher

  Hi! My name is Dana Jankovich. This is my first year at Hillcrest Elementary ...

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Photo of Casey Juszczyk

Casey Juszczyk

4th Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Casey Juszczyk, and I am very excited to be the newest member of&nbsp...

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Photo of Beth Krepline

Beth Krepline

Music Teacher

Hello! I am Beth Krepline, Music teacher for Hillcrest and Fairview Elementary.  I...

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Photo of Andrew LaFave

Andrew LaFave

Phy-Ed Teacher

Hello, my name is Andy LaFave and I am the Physical Education teacher at Hillcrest and ...

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Photo of Ms. Jill LeMere

Ms. Jill LeMere

Kindergarten Teacher

Hi my name is Jill LeMere. I am a kindergarten teacher at Hillcrest Elementary. This is...

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Photo of Mrs. Jackie Markowski

Mrs. Jackie Markowski

Digital Learning Specialist

My Name is Jackie Markowski and I am part of the Special Education Team at Hillcrest El...

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Photo of Alicia Michaud

Alicia Michaud

Art Teacher

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Photo of Ms. Katie Mikle

Ms. Katie Mikle

World Language Teacher - Spanish

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Photo of Mrs. Shannon Minzlaff

Mrs. Shannon Minzlaff

1st Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Shannon Minzlaff and I am a first grade teacher at Hillcrest. I en...

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Photo of Traci Mittag

Traci Mittag

Student Centered Coach

My name is Traci Mittag. I started my teaching career in 1996 as a middle school Spanis...

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Photo of Amber Molle

Amber Molle

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a speech therapist specializing in early intervention in the Pulaski School Distri...

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Photo of Kristine Mommaerts

Kristine Mommaerts

Food Service Employee - Cook

Photo of Ms. Maggie Nicla

Ms. Maggie Nicla

2nd Grade Teacher

Hello! My name is Maggie Nicla and I teach 2nd grade at Hillcrest Elementary. Before co...

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Photo of Bill Nisporic

Bill Nisporic

District Technician

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Photo of Mrs. Devin Palomaki

Mrs. Devin Palomaki


Hello! I am a the school counselor at Hillcrest Elementary school. I look for...

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Photo of Mrs. Kim Parr

Mrs. Kim Parr


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Photo of Mrs. Tricia Paul

Mrs. Tricia Paul

Learning Support Teacher, Title 1 Reading Teacher

I have taught at Hillcrest for many years, most of them teaching 4th grade. I currently...

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Photo of Ms. Sarah Pautz

Ms. Sarah Pautz

Sunnyside 4K Teacher

I am the 4K teacher at Hillcrest Elementary School. I love to guide my "little one...

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Ms. Nikita Peterman

Para Professional

Photo of Mrs. Kim Polasik

Mrs. Kim Polasik

2nd Grade Teacher

Hi! My name is Kim Polasik. I teach Second Grade at Hillcrest Elementary School. Thi...

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Photo of Mrs. Laura Preston
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Photo of Jennifer Seaquist

Jennifer Seaquist

Food Service Employee - Cook

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Photo of Mrs. Lisa Senn

Mrs. Lisa Senn

Speech & Language Pathologist

Hello! My name is Lisa Senn. I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist with Pulask...

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Photo of Mrs. Jamie Somerville

Mrs. Jamie Somerville

2nd Grade Teacher

I've been teaching since 2001; I have been in Pulaski since 2014.  I spent the...

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Photo of Sra. Kimberly Stauber

Sra. Kimberly Stauber

World Language Teacher - Spanish

¡Hola! Me llamo Señora Stauber (My name is Mrs. Stauber). This is my eleve...

Photo of Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson

4th Grade Teacher

Hi my name is Nathan Thompson and I am one of the fourth grade teachers at Hillcre...

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Photo of Ms. Robin Vandervest

Ms. Robin Vandervest

4th Grade Teacher

Degrees B.A. in Elementary Education with an emphasis of Early Childhood Education for...

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Photo of Mrs. Kris Wells

Mrs. Kris Wells

Hillcrest Principal

As the instructional leader, I am committed to fostering a safe, caring, and supportive...

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Photo of Barb Wendorf

Barb Wendorf


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Photo of Bridget Wolfe

Bridget Wolfe

Hillcrest 4K Aide

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Photo of Mrs. Nicole Zeitler

Mrs. Nicole Zeitler

Special Education Teacher

I am Nicole Zeitler. I am a Special Education teacher at Hillcrest Elementary. I have h...

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