Method Test Prep Available for Juniors

We do what we can to help improve your student's ACT scores.  One such resource you can ask your child to review to gain more ACT points is called Method Test Prep.  It is an online program PHS purchased for students to help them understand what practice ACT tests and questions look like.  It tests students on content knowledge from the Science, Math, and English ACT tests.  The Method Test Prep company claims students can see a 3+ point increase in their scores if they use the program with fidelity.

Students who use the quiz-on-demand feature allows your student to log in and do more studying to focus on the areas where they have previously scored low.  The video tutorials are also a great resource for students looking to get a leg up on that upcoming ACT test.  PHS students have been using Method Test Prep in homeroom one to two times per week during the past few months.

We merely wanted to present the information to parents in case your student informs you they have nothing to do or that they are "bored".  We know teens, and we wanted to pass along this information in the event students were looking for something academic to work on.