PHS ACT Prep Information for Juniors

In an effort to help students and families with the rising costs of two and four year college, PHS is placing a renewed focus on ways to help lower the cost of a college education.  We feel a significant way we can help contribute to that is by partnering with parents to help raise our PHS student ACT scores.  During the next few months leading up to the free state ACT on February 28th, Pulaski High School will continue to deliver staff-developed lessons in homeroom to help bolster student scores on all areas of the ACT test. We want to be clear, we are NOT teaching to the test. We are sharing solid techniques successful ACT test takers utilize to bolster their scores.

There are two ways the PHS staff would like to gain your assistance in teaming up to make this happen. One way for you to help is to download the Twitter app or ensure your child is using Twitter. PHS has developed a way to communicate daily ACT tips, practice quizzes, study elements, online tutoring links, video tutor sessions, questions of the day and general test taking tips each day for the remainder of the school year.  The easiest way to follow the ACT tips and practice information is to follow the hashtag, #drivefor25PHS with your Twitter app. Once followed, a tip comes to your phone each and every day (some days more than one!). A different resource and a different area of the test is covered each day.  It is that simple--and it’s free!

The second way you can help your child is to encourage participation in the following resources: PHS will be hosting its 2nd annual Knowledge Bowl on February 24th.  The Knowledge Bowl is held the Saturday before our State of Wisconsin (free) ACT assessment.  The morning consists of 4 FREE hours of ACT prep and a knowledge competition where students can win prizes for practicing their skills on previous ACT test questions.  If a Saturday in February is not your thing, PHS has a few other options available to your child.  PHS has paid for an online ACT Prep service called Method Test Prep and it is embedded in your child’s Career Cruising account.  All PHS students have access to this resource.  Method Test Prep  is an online locker where your child can access THOUSANDS of hours of practice ACT questions, full online practice ACT tests, video tutoring, video examples and test-taking procedural tips any time, day or night.  PHS will also be holding drawings for free tuition to attend ACT Prep classes for Juniors who qualify. These ACT prep courses (see attachment) are held throughout the year and are taught by current and retired PHS teachers who have been effective in raising student ACT scores.

With all of these options we are adding some #drivefor25PHS events during lunch MODS here at the high school in order to increase interest.  PHS staff want to help your child be college and career ready and we are looking to assist parents in this educational journey.  Please promote these events with your child and help us get them interested and participating in these active and proven ways to raise their composite ACT score.