Water Testing Results

Information on all school water testing results is available via the link below. You will also notice that the maximum contaminant level (MCL), which is the allowable concentration of a primary regulated contaminant, is also provided (if applicable). Current monitoring requirements for 2014 are also provided.

The Village of Pulaski and Village of Hobart supply us with water testing results once a year.
Pulaski letter (2014), Pulaski letter (2015) - this covers PHS, PCMS and Glenbrook.
Hobart letter (2014) - supplies city water to Hillcrest.
Lannoye, Sunnyside and Fairview have well water.

Letter from our testing lab, Northern Lake Service, Inc., which has prices and comments about the recent situations in the media and Flint Michigan. We do test for lead regularly. More>>

We have Gary Birr as our Certified small water system operator - see attached.