Facility Use & Rental

Because District facilities ultimately belong to the people of the District, the Board of Education makes District facilities available to organizations, associations, and individuals of the community (applicants).  District facilities may be used for appropriate civic, cultural, welfare, or recreational activities that do not infringe upon, nor interfere with, the conduct and best interests of the District.

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To inquire about the availability of District facilities, please contact the Facilities Department at 920-822-6080 or email your request.

Facilities Requestor

If you wish to become set up as a Requestor to submit your own Facility Use requests, please select that option below and complete the online requestor form.  Your request will be reviewed and activated, and you will receive notification when your log in and password are ready to use.  Once activated, you will be able to log in and submit your own facility use requests.

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District Employees Facilities Requestor

On the Facilities Requester Registration Form, District Employees should use your First & Last Name as the Organization/Client Name.  All other fields with an asterisk are required to submit.  The PIN number you choose will be confidential and known only to you, and will allow you to sign permits/contracts electronically.  A valid email address is required for approval.

For questions regarding this process, please call 920-822-6080 or email us.