STEP - Senior Tax Exchange Program

The Pulaski Community School District Board of Education recognizes and welcomes the many gifts and talents our senior citizens have to contribute to our school system.  To that end, PACE is pleased to sponsor the Senior Tax Exchange Program.  Through STEP, senior citizens are given the opportunity to work in the district and apply their earnings toward payment of property taxes.

Who Qualifies?

Any senior citizen 62 years of age or older who receives Social Security and has taxable property within the Pulaski Community School District. 

How is a Worker Compensated?

The compensation, which is $5.00 per hour, (maximum of $595.00) is distributed annually in June in the form of a two party check made out to the worker and the appropriate county treasurer.

Examples of Jobs:

Reading to a child      

Listening to a child read                                 

Library assistant                            


Preparing bulletin boards                                 

Assisting with computers

Clerical work                                                   

Food pantry volunteer

Provides Seniors with:

Tax relief                                       

Opportunity to utilize their skills                       

Transition from full time to part time work

Positive social environment 

Intergenerational experience

PACE STEP Application Form 2023-24                           


We have a limited budget, the first 25 applicants will be enrolled.